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  1. Default setting , one coin only , no autofire - just as in arcades (I'm only miss the crowd behind me back ) Ps: 1CC list
  2. Some Konami games like Snather , Metal Gear Solid ......
  3. Its working - let's say good . There should be readme.txt in NeoGeocdSdlx package which explain how folders/file need to be named. PS : do you have "Neocdsdlx unleashed " as its support iso/mp3 files
  4. Amiga have loots of gems only you must diggit up from all this crap ........ I think this will impress you: LionHeart , Apidya , Disposable hero , Torvak the Worrior , Banshee , Alien Bread (serie) , Myth , Deliverance , Project-X , Evil Doom , Ghost Battle , Ruff'n'tumble , Haimdal 1 & 2 , Wrath of the Demon , Wolfchild , Second Samurai , Darkmere , Dragonstone .............
  5. Maybe its the same documentary - anyway - good suff "Japon : Histoire Du Shooting Game"
  6. Try Ghosts and goblins screens This is very very long not updated
  7. Martial Champion is emulated in MameoX128 ,as for Martial Master - for now there is no emulator that run this game on Xbox (maybe in the future ) Ps: MM is playable in pc nebula and mame
  8. Kenshiro are there any news about PGM/IGS driver and games that you have added so far ?
  9. Its have rendered backgrounds/sprites so i don't like it so much - but over this its not so bad. It have multiple paths to chose only emulation is little glitchy/slow some times in me opinion. You can also find a copy of Last Hope for Neo-Geo Cd if you wan other shooter for this system (working great on Xbox ) Ps : Street Fighter I is also on Amiga
  10. Its working perfectyly (only slowdown a little on 3D opening=Raiden/Raiden2 selection screen - thats nothing)
  11. Leeeeeeet Geeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt Reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaddddddyyyy toooooooooo Ruuuuuuuummmmmbbbbblllleeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :gossip: Ps: Lots of zombies here
  12. fixeight is working great in mameox128 You now , the same thing people say about Cp3 on xbox before Elsemi relased its emu. Personaly i think xbox can handle but agread that we will need a miracle (or very good programer skill) I'll be waiting for some news
  13. Knight of valor 2 or Dodonpachi 2 on Xbox that will be something - please try add them (keeps fingers crossed)
  14. Yes, a two/three button combination button would be welcomed. Another reason I use FBAxxx for CPS1/2 games is that it already has that feature. ie the ability to map a button for 3P or 3K. EDIT : I always meant to ask about the FBAxxx Fast Forward/Rewind thing as it's really very handy for skipping past certain things. Would that be possible in Mameox, or is it already and I've missed it? As for "fast forward" you can map button\or button combinations to frameskip (set it higher shoudl make game move faster )
  15. Its sometimes +/- 10 fps (turn fps display) - i can see the difference also turn pal60 in v.10a or play in ntsc - thats all
  16. Try first latest FbaxPro , also Kawax will run all Cps1/Cps2/Neogeo flawlessly and on Mameox128 you can play in orginal arcade screen aspect ratio
  17. If i remember right - Raiden Fighter Jet loads and runs in attract mode but you cannot control the ship I don't now if other games works on 128 ram (i have only 64) - if someone have please tell me And finally i really love the series and hope that HK$ find some time to give as next version of best Mame on Xbox - ho nows maybe with all Raidens playable Ps There are 2 version of RF2000 that runs : -one if with music (but little coppy) -second one with sfx (which i'm use)
  18. Strange - but try then : 1. disable all cheats 2. try to change the Cpu type (in options) 3. remove save state and ini files for this game 4. download other version of emu (older or pro) 5. play on Mameox or Kawax
  19. For sure something is wrong with your rom - try download diffrent one
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