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  1. all good with KAwa-X but KAwa-X has less options-settings -customization and is less user-friendly.
  2. yes, i tried super puzzle fighter, marvel vs capcom all have the same graphical problem Edit: which version of FBA do you recommend? Or should i try Kawa-x or other CPS-2 emulator?
  3. OMG. I downloaded every possible rom of Street Fighter Alpha 2 (sfa2.zip) i could find but the problem wasn't fixed. Do i need to unzip the rom or make any settings at the FBA menu? Edit: i checked the rom with Romcenter newest data file for CPS 2 and it was green
  4. thnx a lot m8. I ll try download the rom from another source
  5. First of all, i am using the latest version of FBA XXX. When loading Street Fighter Alpha 2, i experience graphical glitches. The colours are not shown properly. I can play and see the characters( no freezing of the game) but the wrong colours make it extremely annoying. Any ideas? Do i have to make special settings?
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