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  1. lol i have it already But you shoudl delate it till now if you have it for so long
  2. Do it in pm - i really want to now how i have missed it - specialy that this is avaible on some sites from 1 - 4 days
  3. That was from the guy ho happen to buy it on ebay - there is quite a way from watching it on youtube and playing it in emulator http://www.freewebs.com/castlevania4ever/gamemovies.htm http://assemblergames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14908 edit That was sarcasm
  4. like a year - I bet lots of people even dint now it existed .......
  5. No - its arcade port of Rogha Armour Attack and its a good one , with different paths and original arcade mode. Well from top of my head you can try also Gran Doll (something like metroid) I have shared ENG ver (I get mine few years ago after 3 years long search )
  6. Not to mention about comparing size psx iso vs arcade rom ......... waste of space to have it on pcsxbox
  7. I mean Dodonpachi Exactly (that why i have mentioned them) but not all of them gets psx port - so only option is Mameox128 There are off-course few more like Wolf Fang or Tera Driver which work on xbox only in pcsxbox
  8. Sadly TechRomancer Star Gladiator 2 or BraveBlade dont have that option (to run them on pcsxbox) PS:I think i never forgive Taito to not included RayStorm in Xbox port of Taito Legends
  9. Strider 2 works also in xbox Mame128plus (along with TechRomancer ,RivalSchools,StarGladiator,BraveBlade .......Raystorm {I was able to launch U version) PS: Are there any differences be-twin arcade and this Psx port
  10. Thanks for info Ps: Well i think that is better to concentrate on games that are not supported in Fba ,but nor or less its still great news
  11. Kickstart is boot'up system for Amiga - like bios on other emulators/computers - that contains graphic libraries , system files etc ..... to short start up computer. As for CD32 games they work for me (Banshee, Alien Breed ........) chose wright system and mount ISO then run (sometimes you must wait a little till it start - fast forward might help)
  12. Yes ,they all (the rest games from this hardware) plays very good exept gaiapolis....... which is pretty good game(if you put Japanese password (well its pain in kanji) you can skip first level opening - but with sound on , its work slow) Ps:I have it also for Nes -
  13. I'll keep the fingers crossed for Osman (aka Cannon Dancer) Ps: Maybe some one is skilled in cheat searching on Mame ..... and could find something similar like in Metamorphic Force that turn off in Gaiapolis system check
  14. One other raiden fighters "works" on HK$ Mame (i mean its load up , run in attract mode - but controllers not responding ) . Also maybe someone could take a look at Gaiapolis : - its hang on the opening demo but with use of password it can be played - Its slow but if there was a way to turnoff sound it would be playable (If you turn off sound in options its hang on game boot up self test) - also the only supported ROM is JP ver ( maybe it could be changed to E or U)
  15. This is awesome - thanks iq_132 for adding PGM driver (I see that kovplus is also included )
  16. For sure you must change the translation program because if you really must read something be twin the lines it should be like this : To bad , but maybe will be better if you concentrate on games that are not playable at this moment on Xbox (for example D.D. Crew or Desert Breaker) Sorry maybe this answer disappoints you - but I'm to old for stupid Internet wars
  17. Ofcourse I have in mind only Knights of Valour and Oriental Legend (they work in Mameox128 also with sound , but if turned on - it have great impact on game speed).
  18. Ofcourse I have in mind only Knights of Valour and Oriental Legend (they work in Mameox128 also with sound , but if turned on - it have great impact on game speed).
  19. Well that sad as this driver is supported in Pc Fba (they work in Mameox128 so ........)
  20. No PMG driver .......... but still great work . when can we expect this baby
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