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  1. Found the patch...thank you. Only wish there was some kind of patch for ford racing 3 too.
  2. Hi, I can't run fight club off my HDD.I keep getting the message...need original disc to run. Can anybody help me? Email address SF2MJ@CHEAP.NET.AU Thank you
  3. I have installed ford racing 3 into my xbox hdd.It plays the intro of the game, then the screen just goes black and freezes.I have the pal versio of the game running on a pal xbox.I have even tried changing my video settings to 60hz to see if that helps...but still no luck. Anybody else having this problem?. Is there some kind of patch to make the game run off the hdd. It won't even run off the dvd.
  4. I usually use simplex to make my xiso files from a backup.But unfortunately it only let's you back up games as big as 3.99 gig or less.It won't let me backup any games bigger than 3.99 gig.What other simple to use programs will let me backup xbox games bigger than 3.99 gig?
  5. I know alot of people copy their xbox games and put them on the net for other people to download. I just wanted to know if anybody has taken MK 1 from the collectors edition version of MK Deception and made it into an xiso file for somebody to burn onto a dvd?.
  6. Does anybody know where i can get the PAL/FIX patch that will let me run the U.S. version of Mortal Kombat Deception on my PAL xbox?. I downloaded a patch that was supposed to work but it didn't. Can anybody help? Thanks
  7. I have a 2 DVD version of the guy game.I installed disc 1 and 2 into my HDD. I noticed when i looked in my xbox hdd it came up as 1 game. So i presumed it joined dvd 1 and dvd 2 together. Anyway i clicked on it to start the game and i got a black screen and nothing else. Do i need some kind of patch to run it off my HDD?. Thanks in advance.
  8. I looked at the vm document and checked out the settings for the game Tekken.Then proceeded to set my vm settings.But everytime i went to load Tekken it comes up with the message out of memory. I tried different vm settings and none of them work. Has anybody got Tekken running properly?.
  9. Whenever i try to load a table in visual pinball i get a message saying malicous script detected........then my norton anti virus asks me if i want to quarantine it.Does anybody else get a virus warning?. Also does anybody have a working street fighter 2 rom?.The table loads up butwhen i go to insert coin it comes up with a message saying the rom is not complete.
  10. There is supposed to be Dreamcast emulator for Xbox called "Chankast". Is that true?
  11. Is there a way you can edit the FBA-XXX ini file so that you can just press a couple of buttons like in mame to exit a game and go back to the games list?. I can't even see the exit game option on the options menu because the options disappear at the bottom of the screen. Thanks
  12. Can somebody give me the link for downloading the latest DAT files for FBA-XXX?. I have all the new neogeo roms running on KAWA-X Plus. But they won't even appear on the neogeo list of FBA-XXX. I need the DAT File. Thank you.
  13. Has anybody had any luck running the 3D Street Fighter games on Mameox v.0.84.b2?. And if you did.....could you please post your vm settings.My Street Fighter ex games keep saying it's missing files when i try to load them with the new mameox.
  14. I tried playagain.......and planet emulation and both roms i downloaded from each site were missing files when i tried to play them on the new mameox. Does anybody know where i can download a working rom?. Also is anybody else having problems running asura blade sword of dynasty?.It runs for me but it's very choppy. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Anybody find a way to run Street Fighter 1 on MAMEoX 0.84 ?. Mine loads.But as soon as i put in the game credits it starts to become very choppy.So choppy that it's unplayable. Anybody find a way to fix this......if it can be fixed?.
  16. I have been using Nero 6 for a while now without any problem.Now when i open the program the net connection box appears wanting me to connect to the net. Has anybody else had that problem. I switched off the online database feature it has.And it still wants to connect to the net. Can anybody help me?.
  17. I just wanted to know if anybody has the new Xbox S-Video cable?. And is the sound and picture quality better with the S-Video cable than the standard AV cables you get with your Xbox?. Do you notice a big difference?.
  18. Gee it's like i'm the only guy doing that sort of thing............not
  19. I have noticed in Mame-x that when i am playing a game , the sound crackles every now and then. It's starting to get really annoying. Is there a way to fix the audio so that it doesn't crackle every 15 to 20 seconds?. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. Thank you everybody for your help.
  21. What printing program is good for printing up cd covers?. I found a site where they have xbox game covers. And what i want to do after downloading a cover, is shrink the cover to the size of a normal cd case. Then print it that actual size. Is there an easy to operate program that will let me do that?.
  22. How do you rename a game?. What file do you rename, because i finally installed the new game "TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator"into my xbox HDD. I used dvd2xbox. I found the folder with the game in it. And renamed the folder. But i don't think it changed the name of the game. What file do i have to rename?. It also starts playing off the hard drive...then the screen just goes black and i get nothing...no sound or picture. I tried seeing if it needed to be patched. But it said it was already patched. I have PX HDD loader v1.3 now. And that doesn't seem to run the game either.
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