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  1. This might be a little off topic but has anyone made an adhoc game like the tick-tac-toe. Cause i was going to flash me friends ds's so we might play against each other.
  2. Is it possible to upload cheats m3 perfect then use it like airmax for ds games?
  3. what's the ap supposed to mean and so i leave everything the same from ip to dns
  4. i recommend win2ds i heard pointy remote wasn't as good
  5. i don't need programs for the pc cause i only have a desktop well is anyone working on a way to use win2ds away from home
  6. On that site it has movie converters do i need those to convert movies to play them on m3
  7. can you tell me where i get the firmware upgrade for the m3 I also heard you need M3 power on loader by pepsiman from http://www.ndshb.com/index.php
  8. Will the m3 perfect be able to run homebrew that uses wifi like ds2key right out of the box or do i need to run something on it first and if so what do i need to run it also what type of programs does the m3 use (.nds,.gba.ds ) and if i need to convert something what program do i need to convert.gba.ds to.nds and vice versa. thank you again you are all very helpful
  9. I am new here and i want to know if anyone is or will be working on any programs that will be able to crack WEP on the ds or if it is even possible sorry if this has already been discussed or is in the wrong place Thank You.
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