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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply! for integer scaling i use DXwind, DXwind make any fullscreen software work in a window, and do integer/nin integer scaling For example, in my 1280x800 laptop, neoragex GUI scale to a non integer 1.5x (640x480>960x720) but ingame in a 3x (320x240>960x720) For real play i use a CRT screen with real resolutions, but in my laptop, i preffer integer scaling, even if i lost some aspect ratio About Raine, i download the source from github, but I can only see build for linux, mingw win32 and djgpp MSDOS if i compile for windows, i will have the new style gui true? how i can compile in mingw but using the allegro gui? thanks
  2. Hi, i love the DOS version, with the old nice GUI is possible to compile in windows? i still use 0.43.4 but i will love to have neogeo, etc I use raine32 with DXwind, then i can have a nice 3x integer stretch in my 1280x800 laptop, and still use low resolution GUI, here some screenshots Thanks!!
  3. Hi tux I dont remember asking precompiled libs... maybe is not me!! (if is me... please send me the post, and I will give you feedback...and sorry) About mingw first i set the OStype export OSTYPE=windows then make $ make Building Raine, Fully optimized version with gcc for windows CPU=pentium-m dependencies : if you get an error here, install the required dev package libpng:1.6.8 SDL:1.2.14 Compiling source/neocd/cdrom.c... In file included from source/raine.h:32:0, from source/neocd/cdrom.c:2: source/sdl/compat.h:85:6: error: conflicting types for 'strlwr' void strlwr(char *s); ^ In file included from source/raine.h:18:0, from source/neocd/cdrom.c:2: c:\src\mingw\include\string.h:102:39: note: previous declaration of 'strlwr' was here _CRTIMP char* __cdecl __MINGW_NOTHROW strlwr (char*); ^ make: *** [windows-sdl/object/neocd/cdrom.o] Error 1 I have SDL and libpng, Im sure it works, because i can compile dosbox and scummvm witthout problems
  4. Hi tux! any advice how to compile in windows? In DOS with djgpp was easy, but i did not have good luck with mingw in windows Im using XP x64 (i have mingw 32bits and mingw64) but my test are in 32bits compiler Thanks in advance for any tips
  5. Oh sorry double post, about CD audio, i was testing some stuff 1 - Test Fatal Fury 3 original CD in a PC with IDE CD drive - FAIL (MUSIC Error: MPEG123: Prepare for a changed audio format) 2 - Copy all content of the CD to hard drive and open the IPL.TXT - FAIL (MUSIC Error: MPEG123: Prepare for a changed audio format) 3 - Make a CUE/BIN without the audio tracks just data - OK no music, but no error 4 - Load the CUE/BIN and left original FF3 CD on drive - OK no error, music plays from CD drive, but in incorrect order Greetings
  6. Hi! thanks for all, please, dont take my questions like something to "do" i appreciate a lot your effort, and yes, i will love a option to remove all text!!! thanks a lot Even if i know im using a emulator, i want to feel im in front of the original machine. Thats why i dont like filters, or anything was not "there" in the original console, in the original game About resolution, the CRT Im working now, is a 19" 31khz I dont know how to explain well, for sure you already know, but basically, every 31khz CRT have very thin scanlines, and for low resolutions, it use two scanlines per pixel (doublescan) 320x200>640x400 for example In a 14" or 15" this small scanlines are two small, but at 19" are too big Then if I use regular scanlines at 640x480, the problem is that I end with just 25% of "data" not 50% 320x240 in a 31khz CRT = data + scanline + data + scanline 320x240 in a 31khz CRT + fake scanlines = data + scanline + black + scanline thats why in high resolutions CRT the best is to use high resolutions for scanlines, and you will get great ones For example, this is a small screenshot of Crossed Swords 2 in same CRT This one is at 640x480, can you see how thin the lines are? because the bloom is still OK, but the scanlines are too thick And this one is at 1280x1344, the scanlines are more natural, mopre close to a 15khz CRT, when, because of bloom, the scanlines are very thin
  7. No, my screen is a CRT, I use 640x480 most of time because is overall best resolution and the most common, and only high res like 1280x1344 or 1280x1440 for emulators to have good scanlines I already tried set the resolution by hand in the ini file, but Raine keep using desktop one. Is not a big deal, because i can do a auto hotkeyscript to auto change resolution everytime open raine, i just was wondering if was possible or not thanks About real CD, i can confirm, that at least with a USB drive and XP is not working at all, i tried 3 different external USB CDrom, and same problem, I have a tablet with windows 8.1, and same problem, then is not a XP fault Yes, most of the time i just use CD images, is more easy &noise free, besides i¡¡the option to use ISO+mp3 is great to save some space But for me, use real CDs to test them is a must, if not, im forced to connect the neogeo cd machine to do the task, and one of the reason I use emulators, is to save the time of connect the consoles, specially because there is a lot of systems! I will keep Raine for images (iso+mp3), and the old emulator "neogeocdz" for real CDs, work great even if old Sorry one more question, and last one, how can I hidde all on-screen messages? I check the ini, and I did not found anything to do Thanks a lot
  8. Hi tux, im sorry big delay to answer, but i had problems in real life, and this last two months was soo busy to even touch a computer Now im more relax, and come back to try to use raine again, with NeoGeoCD games. First of all, i changed neoraine with latest windows version of raine, and all screen problems gone, i moddified the pixelate scanline shader, and now looks great, thanks for tips Just one question, using OpenGL, there is any way to raine change the resolution? i use 640x480 for my desktop, but i want to use 1280x1344 in raine (for now, i need to change first my desktop resolution, and then open raine) Ok, the important question, everytime i want to play REAL neogeoCD games (original disc no rip) most of the time i get this error when playing, only sometimes i get music, and when the error came, raine crash or get soo slow than im forced to close it MUSIC Error: MPEG123: Prepare for a changed audio format My CDrom player is a USB drive, and works ok in other neogeocd emulator with music Thanks
  9. Hi, thanks for reply Still dont found any way to just stretch the image, or there is no option for this? I can use 1600x1200, but i preffer to use a custom resolution for neoraine, like 1520x1344, and force exact HZ on this resolution for example, there is no way? About scanlines, most of shaders dont work for my, specially the one that maybe are what im looking for, pixelate-scanline, i just get a black screen My videocard is a nvidia 8600GT Thanks
  10. Hi!! im back, long time Im fighting with neoraine, to play neogeocd games I want to use the emulator at 1280x1344 resolution (320*4 x 224 *6) or any other width resolution, i dont care, 320x1344 or 304x1344 is OK for my Plus i want normal scanlines (black lines) and nearest (point) image I need to use 1344 because my 19" CRT below this resolution (well 1120 is still OK but not 896) show small real scanlines, i want to avoid Im totally stuck... if i select openGL i dont have a scanline option, if i select a shader, i dont find any "nearest" option, and other options, dont have scanlines over double resolution Plus, it seems neoraine force some kind of aspect ratio, instead of fill the screen Any ideas? im really stuck with the options, and i dont find any config that works for me Thanks a lot!!!
  11. Tux have interest in fix dos version, if not, he will not be here answering us, and doing new dos builds Thats don't mean he want to lost a lot of time in a build that is pretty clear, is not have much interest from people Is a miracle in fact, he is answering us, lost time in builds, and do something that 90% of developers of emus stop long time ago, supporting DOS My congratulations Keropi, about your problem, let me test some stuff, and i will go back with some answers, because i have a Pentium 1 setup too to test, but i dont use much Anyways, in my Pentium 200mmx, i get fullspeed in CPS1 games with raine, constant 60fps, you need to check your machine, is slower than mine for what i see Hi tux, sorry the delay again to answer I dont work for any company, i have a small video game business, i import retro videogames from japan to europe, and when i go to fairs or convenctions, most of the time people that live in the place, give me some laptop to use, because i dont like to travel with mine (i lost two) Oh yes, still windows 10 is too inmature, better to wait, but anyways, im used to windows XP explorer (NT4, 2000), i really dont like Vista, 7, 8+ explorer... i will continue using XP until i can, and maybe one day, i will decide if i continue with windows, or switch to other OS About PS2, i have a small PS2 slim+ Free Mc + external hard disk, very nice setup, but i dont use much... i dont like 3D games much, and the 2D compilations most of time are better on emulators in PC... But some neogeo compilations are so good in PS2. In my website I made a list of how to fix most of them to use proper 240p , sadly is in spanish, sorry For example you can fix nice compilations, like Last Blade, to use 240p instead of ugly 480i. Of course, you need a CRT, but even in TFT, 240p is much better than interlaced signal, if your new TV accept 240p http://www.akihabara-online.com/Foro/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=920 Ok, back to raine, first, thanks to build, but is not working, vsync in 16bpp modes are still broken. I dont need much, but i think it will be nice for people with more powerfull computers, that want to play in 16 bits mode About my problem with tearing, i found a nice vesa modeline, that *almost* fix the problem in CPS1/2 games I use 360x212, because my 14" CRT cant do 120hz in 384x224, i only can do 118hz, and this is not enough, then i decide to letterbox a little, and reach a solid 119.20hz With this modeline in 8bpp or 16bpp, i get a almost free flickerig I left the pictures in the weird case someone have interest Thanks for all
  12. Hi tux! sorry the delay to answer i was working Thaks for the build! im sorry i did not say nothing before, but i was not in home (not even in town), and i did not have my old good PC with my.... just a crappy Core i5 laptop with Windows 10... .... i miss my celeron !! The frameskip option works great, thanks. I was talking with other guys in a spanish forum, and they say they will test, because some people still have arcade cabinets with Pentium 1mmx/Pentium2 inside About timming, im happy to know Raine use the precise one from CPS2, im totally unhappy because i cant do a vesa modeline that works well in Raine i did modelines with 59.62 and 119.24, but still tearing I will continue testing, but i think the only option will be to use vsync or tripple buffer, and this last option is.. not a option then vsync About triple buffer, i was checking the code, and say this I was reading alegro docs, but sadly not much info about DOS triple buffer... maybe allegro did not support tripple buffer in DOS?¿ i really wanna check what " enable_triple_buffer();" do.. i need to take a look in allegro source.. jeje Ok, back to vsync, of course i will be happy to test any build you made, because this is something is not working well. The truth is for my now, my celeron will be not powerfull for CPS2 + vsync... but i think if someone have a pentium 3 800mhz, maybe wanna play games in 16bits and enjoy vsync too.... And of course, for neogeo for example, 16bpp+vsync will be nice, some games like you say before, use more than 256colors. By the way, 16bpp is not slower than 8bpp in my PC, for sure the AGP TNT2 helps a lot here Thaks a lot for all
  13. Hi tux, finally after some working days, i have some free time to use in Raine Yesterday I went to my brother house, he have a nice computer running DOS, is a Pentium 4 3400mhz, ATI 9200, 512MB ram, he use for DOSmame, and everything works great, thats why I decide to test raine there After some test, I realize about something... how do you enable VSYNC in 16/32bpp modes? in 8bpp vsync works, but in 16bpp and up, vsync dont do nothing... We tried some vesa modes, without luck. Now i came home, and in my celeron, i start testing 16bpp modes, but same problem here (NVIDIA TNT2), vsync only works in 8bpp modes After giveup to make vsync working at 16bpp, I made some refresh for vesa modes, based on the info from arcade (59.629403Hz) to tried to lower the tearing I make two, one is 59.60 very close from arcade, and the other, is double (59x62x2=119.24hz), i make 119.16, the closest i can 59.60hz 119.16hz In Raine 59.60hz refresh give me a lot of tearing, but 119.16hz is much much better, and tearing almost gone I tested 59.60hz resolution in callus.. and surprise! without VSYNC callus give me a smooth scroll.... After this test... this question came to my mind.... Raine use internally 60hz? or 59.62? ***In my house i have a real CPS2 Arcade with a SFZ2 board to test && a PC running XP connected to a CRT using RGB SCART, with mame, using custom modelines When i say i have a sync problem, flicker screen or not smooth scrolling, is because i compare Raine dos with the CPS2 or PC RGB Thanks Well, the only that can decide how to "waste" his time, is Tux, not you or me. I just decide how to waste MY time Of course, the guy is working for free, thats why he have all my respect and thanks About old stuff.. I have a question, what screen do you use for emulation? multisync arcade CRT? 15khz CRT? 31khz CRT? TFT?... how do you connect your PC to screen? Jamma? VGA>RGB SCART? VGA? DVI/HDMI?
  14. Hi tux, yes, i always enable save_game_screen_setting manually in cfg A option in cfg for save frameskip will be great, no need to add to the gui. I just give some ideas I think can be useful, at least, look useful to me jaja, but I understand the hard work you need to do, for a build and options maybe very few users will enjoy I really appreciate you work in raine, thanks I really wish more people came to the forum to say the same about raine, and specially dos version By the way, I found two games that works in 0.50 and not in 0.64, both CPS2, Alien vs Predator and Darkstalkers Alien give me black screen, darkstalkers a "RAM error" The roms look correct, works in mame 106 and raine 0.5
  15. Hi tux! Yes, 0.28 tripple buffer works perfect. In fact, i still use 0.28, i use 0.64 for CPS2 and neogeo, and 0.28 for other games For example Toki, in 0.28 just need tripple buffer to get a smoth scroll, in 0.64 i need to use vsync, that is much more CPU hungry (at least i know) Per game frameskip option, i think will be great for slow PCs users, but about rasters, yes, i give you the reason, a global option is fine, no need per game
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