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  2. I have just for example it lists capcom then CPS-1 CPS-2 CPS-3 Other ... So exactly what other is I don't know. i can't find a rom package for it so i would know what systems it would run. Thanks Robert
  3. Agard

    ARCADE 0.224

    i have looked through all my old videos but not got the boot sequence but i played it a lot & would have noticed something like that as i only noticed it after all this time but the person i bought it off years ago is a whizz at mending pcbs so he would have told me. i do know where that exact pcb is still being used, well it was 2019 i haven't been this year so i'll put it on my list to make a video next time i'm there also take a hi res pic of pcb too. i'm sure the bootleggers would have noticed that as it's there when it boots up. comparing the roms to me bootleg 2 was made from bootleg 1 but i'm no rom genius. Thanks for reply
  4. Why don't you download it and see? https://github.com/finalburnneo/FBNeo-WIP-Storage-Facility/releases/tag/appveyor-build
  5. Robert

    ARCADE 0.224

    slapfighb2 - it's always been like that in MAME since at least 0.145 Can you prove that the correct logo appears on this particular bootleg on a real machine?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi there my fellow 1emulation members I came across Final Burn Neo & it says that it runs quite a few systems like taito type x & sega model 2 & 3 so can anyone help & tell me exactly what arcade systems it actually runs. Thanks
  8. Agard

    ARCADE 0.224

    I just thought the Tab issue was down to my hardware I was using so Thanks Hyperscorpio.
  9. Agard

    ARCADE 0.224

    I don't know if anyone has reported this before but slap Fight bootleg set 2 ( slapfighb2 ) has a corrupt title logo as soon as it boots. it's the one that just says England on warning screen & I can't see any info that it has problems, it should be able to fix as all use same logo in slap fight it's probably a corrupt rom from dumping. Thanks I can't seem to be able to submit on mame so please submit if i'm right. Thanks
  10. Last week
  11. Tux

    A dos version in 2020... !

    Yeah I plan to do that too when I get access again to an old 1Ghz pc I have, but for now it's quite far, it will be later. I plan to test with univbe too to check if there are some modes where triple buffer can be enabled, for now the only mode which can work for sure is mode-x 256x240, I am almost sure it's possible in vesa, but maybe univbe is required and I can't test this in an emulator...
  12. Changed my old soundcard with Sound Blaster Vibra 16(isa) and sound seems to work now, going to test it more when i got time
  13. Hope everyone and their family is safe
  14. Hello , I have searched everywhere for a few days on the web and I came across your forum, here is where to start, I have an XBOX 360 JTAG-RGH, and I would like if it is not too much asked that one or people having time can explain to me how to install launch step by step - FBANEXT ROMS v. [JTAG-RGH] and - MAME.0.72 because I have both with a full set of games, but I have no idea how to go about it, really SOS, Thank you so much .
  15. Ho, works perfectly now. Ty mate. Just two tips are needed: - First one : launchbox language must be set in English (strange bug) - Second : There is an option named "Use file name only without file extension or folder path" and it need to be marked.
  16. I don't know launchbox, what I can say : if you pass the rom file on the command line, it will be seen as a zip file for neocd, which you don't want here. The correct way is to pass the game name on the command line, not the zip file. for aes/mvs, notice you can switch most neogeo games between the 2 if you use something like the unibios, there is a shortcut when you boot the game to decide if you want to boot it in aes or mvs, but anyway... !
  17. Earlier
  18. * SDLMAME for Ubuntu 0.224 - http://sdlmame.wallyweek.org/download/ * MEmu 7.2.5 [Android] - https://www.memuplay.com/blog/en/category/release-notes * ColEm 5.3 [Colecovision/Adam] - http://fms.komkon.org/ColEm/ * Hoxs64 [Commodore 64] - https://www.hoxs64.net/ * melonDS 0.9 [DS] - http://melonds.kuribo64.net/downloads.php * fMSX 5.8 [MSX] - http://fms.komkon.org/fMSX/ * Emulicious (2020-09-09) [Multisystem] - http://emulicious.net/news/ * Pantheon 9.870 [Multisystem] - http://bostjan-grandovec.si/Content/Download.htm * WinArcadia 26.71 [s2650-based] - https://amigan.yatho.com/ * RockNES 5.62 [NES] - http://rocknes.web.fc2.com/ * Ootake 2.98 [TG16/PCE] - http://www.ouma.jp/ootake/ * RPCS3 0.0.12 Alpha [PS3] - https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/releases * EightyOne v1.18 [Sinclair] - https://sourceforge.net/projects/eightyone-sinclair-emulator/rss?path=/ * Speccy 5.3 [Sinclair] - http://fms.komkon.org/Speccy/
  19. I'm trying to launch Neo Geo AES roms with launchbox, but Raine always want to load .iso files with the NeoCD bios, then crash. When I open Raine and load a rom manually, all works, but with launchbox it's not the same story. Any idea of how to force Raine to load rom files with launchbox?
  20. This was a hack for version 0.28 but which was not fully understood at the time and which was totally forgotten for all this time, it allows to switch to a given video mode and then make it to display only 1/3 of its lines on screen, excellent for extra wide games like darius. These modes were impossible to select since the vesa modes display only the supported video modes now, and they are not directly supported, it's like a virtual video mode, you need to switch first to a mode with 3x the number of lines you want for it to work... ! So... ! I found this by looking in the code how the triple buffer worked in dos, and found this instead. So I added them back, but I had some trouble to test of course, I wanted to wait until I have access to an old pc to test this on a real screen, but I don't have it available right now. Well I just found that dosemu in linux emulates this perfectly, here is a screenshot : And ingame : Oh yeah cut a part of the title bar on this one, testing a new screenshot tool... Anyway it works great, and it would work on any pc able to switch to 1024x768, so all normal pcs then ! I just added the 3 most standard modes at the end of the list of the standard supported modes, they appear with a "dark " prefix in the list, and are used automatically when loading a game if "auto mode change" is selected, and it's the default. (these standard modes being 640x160, 800x200, and 1024x256, used here by darius). Quite amazing to see such a come back !
  21. Robert

    ARCADE 0.224

    Been happening in MAME for a long time.
  22. Hyperscorpio

    ARCADE 0.224

    We have a tiny issue it always happen in this versions, when we open the game and we press the TAB button, the emulator freezes for a few secounds and then goes back to normal. Is there a fix? To remind i used 64 bits. Thanks.
  23. WinArcadia 26.71 (Windows): 11 September 2020 AmiArcadia 26.71 (AmigaOS 3): 11 September 2020 AmiArcadia 26.71 (AmigaOS 4): 11 September 2020 AmiArcadia 26.61 (MorphOS): 28 July 2020 Super Bug Advance 1.3 (GBA): 11 September 2009 AmiArcadia and WinArcadia are multi-emulators of these machines: * Emerson Arcadia 2001 console family (Bandai, Emerson, Grandstand, Intervision, Leisure-Vision, Leonardo, MPT-03, Ormatu, Palladium, Poppy, Robdajet, Tele-Fever, Tempest, Tryom, Tunix, etc.) (1982); * Interton VC 4000 console family (Acetronic, Fountain, Interton, Prinztronic, Radofin, Rowtron, Voltmace, Waddingtons, etc.) (c. 1978); * Elektor TV Games Computer (1979); * PIPBUG- and BINBUG-based machines (Electronics Australia 77up2 and 78up5, Signetics Adaptable Board Computer, Eurocard 2650, etc.) (c. 1977-1978); * Signetics Instructor 50 trainer (1978); * Central Data 2650 computer (1977); * Astro Wars, Galaxia, Laser Battle and Lazarian coin-ops by Zaccaria (1979-1981); * Malzak 1 and 2 coin-ops by Kitronix (c. 1981); * Chaos 2 computer (1983); * Dolphin trainer (1977); * PHUNSY computer (c. 1980); * AY-3-8550/8600-based Pong systems (Coleco Telstar Galaxy, Sheen TVG-201, etc.) (c. 1976-1977); * Ravensburger Selbstbaucomputer aka 2650 Minimal Computer trainer (1984); * MIKIT 2650 trainer (1978); and * VTech Type-right machine (1985). Features include: ReAction GUI, load/save snapshots, windowed and full- screen modes, CPU tracing, trainer, drag and drop support, graphics scaling, automatic load/save of configuration/game, keyboard/joystick/ gamepad/paddle/mouse/trackball support, autofire, turbo mode, gameplay recording/playback, sprite demultiplexing, help windows, source code, real-time debugger, frame skipping, redefinable keys, save screenshots (7 supported formats), ARexx port, network play (IPv4 and IPv6), real-time monitor, locale support, game selection sidebar, text-to-speech, printer output, artefacting, support for ZIPped games, clipboard support, palette editor, tone retuning, high score management, force feedback, sprite editor, 3D, assembler, CALM support, Scale2x/3x/4x and HQx filters, animation recording (5 supported formats), sound recording (5 supported formats), horizon dejittering, tape deck. The supported languages are currently English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish. Changes since V26.7: * Added OPENTAPEDECK and CLOSETAPEDECK ARexx commands (AmiArcadia only). * Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. http://amigan.1emu.net/releases/ http://amigan.yatho.com/
  24. olddos25

    Graphical Glitch

    Oof, shoulda thought about looking a bit further before posting 😅 Yeah, it looks exactly like the picture. I'll try the suggested drivers and then get back with the results. Edit: They work.
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