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  1. Yep, I remember now that I've made these 2 changes from your file 'makee.bat' that you've mentioned in the thread for version 0.229 here, so you're right: you've already given the right hint to build the 32 bit version MessUI32!
  2. The 2 files I've mentioned are not from old versions at all, I just saw that they are even included in your original 'messui-master'. So it seems, that for MessUI32 these 2 files need to be used instead of the 'official' files in your source!
  3. Well, for v0.230 these files are in the 'Source' download (file 'messui230s.7z') on this website: https://www.progettosnaps.net/messui/ (Of course for 0.234 it should be 'messui234s.7z', but it's not availbale yet) For MessUI32 v0.230 I first used Robert's main file (messui-master), then copied this small source update (messui230s.7z) from ProgrettoSnaps over it, and finally I made these 2 changes mentioned above (at least since MessUI32 v0.230 that doesn't run anymore without these changes). Edit: I just saw, that these 2 files even exist in the original 'messui-master' in the folders 'src\mame\' resp. in 'src\osd\winui\'.
  4. Hi, the last time I've compiled MessUI32 was with version 0.230, and it worked with the following changes: In src\mame\: copy messui.txt mess.flt In src\osd\winui\: copy ui.rc mameui.rc I guess this will still work for newer MessUI32 versions, too - maybe give it a try ...
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