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  1. The Zzap!Raine PDF project will be presented on a live streaming on AntaGamers (in Italian only) - at 9.30pm Italian time today, 12 March 2024 Link: https://www.youtube.com/@AntaGamersVideo/streams
  2. Zzap!Raine Issue 8 is now free as a PDF for download! All issues 1 to 8 (including Anniversary Issue 1) are available at: https://raine.1emulation.com/zzapraine/issues.html
  3. Just read this from the latest version of MAME, released today: "The microcontroller program for Taito’s KiKi KaiKai was recently extracted. This contains a substantial amount of game logic, allowing the simulation code previously used by MAME to be retired and giving more confidence that the emulation is accurate." Question for Tux: would it be possible / a good idea/ do you have any interest to implement this in RAINE which, I presume, uses simulated logic for that MCU (and therefore not accurate)?
  4. Excellent job - posted on the Zzap!Raine Facebook page, too
  5. Hi I havent downloaded the latest version of Raine, but noticed graphic decoding glitches in Pengo and Pengo2u - both occurring in the demo when the austral aurora is shown. Was this present in old versions of Raine? I believe this is the first time I noticed this bug. Tried Raine 0.96.5 x64 on Windows
  6. Two more issues were released in November and December: Issue 6 and Special First Anniversary. Issue 7 is almost ready and will be published at the end of January. https://raine.1emulation.com/zzapraine/issues.html Cheers
  7. That's excellent news! I have posted it onto the Zzap!Raine facebook page
  8. Issue 4 is now online available for free download Link: https://raine.1emulation.com/zzapraine/issues.html Issue 5 is almost ready and will be published before end of October 2023
  9. This is an excellent release and thanks so much for this! I look forward to seeing the same changes for sh2 reflected in the Win-x64 build at some point. I will enjoy the Win-x32 version in the meantime I really wish this is not the end of your commitment to Raine And I will also post the update to the official Zzap!Raine Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ZzapRaine
  10. Issue 3 is now available for download!! https://raine.1emulation.com/zzapraine/issues.html And issue 4 is already in the works... will be published in October! Enjoy!
  11. And issue 2 is now ready for download! https://raine.1emulation.com/zzapraine/issues.html Issue 3 is in the works already... (will be published early in September)
  12. Starting from today, when browsing Zzap!Raine you will have two options: - the "old" web-based reviews in English, that were made with old HTML technology in 2002-2004 and all pages basically look the same. - free downloadable PDF magazines, approximately 10-20 pages each (6-10 MBytes), in Italian. You can then print them yourself on A4 printer, if you like. We just received approval from the owners of the Zzap!64 logo/intellectual property so this new PDF project is an official "son of Zzap!". Issue 1 is ready for download, Issue 2 is in the works and I anticipate issuing a new PDF every month. There are 13 issues (1-11 and 2 Christmas specials) so this will keep me busy making PDFs for about a year. Anyway, stay tuned. Thanks Tux and the 1emulation team for assistance with the server and your support BOOKMARK THIS LINK: https://raine.1emulation.com/zzapraine/issues.html
  13. Yeh, it takes too much hassle to maintain the Facebook page in English - and particularly when the majority of visitors would be Italian regardless. Think about the positives: Raine as an emulator will have an little fan club in Italy for a change
  14. That's correct. There's a lot to fix and as you know I have never been happy with the English translation. Back to Italian is the only way to make the magazine really enjoyable.
  15. Got it. The most juicy news of the day is that I am producing actual PDFs of the old Zzap!Raine issues - downloadable for free. As soon as they are ready, I will share them with Tux for sharing through the Zzap!Raine website. Issue 1 is almost ready. The next issue won't be long in the works...
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