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  1. _MADrigal

    Raine 0.92.4

    Thanks, good news For some reason I was not notified of your response - I apologise in advance if I miss to reply to your posts in the future.
  2. _MADrigal

    Raine 0.92.4

    That's really good to see you back in action! Unfortunately I have bad news. Tested the latest 64-bit build of Raine on my Windows 10 x64 and none of the DX versions of the game work. The emulator closes automatically with no error message. I have placed the .dx files in the same folder as the raine executable. I am happy to help with some beta-testing if you tell me how to (eg can generate and send you a logfile if you can tell me how to do it) Eager to try the DX games on this new Raine!
  3. ...you lazy French dude!
  4. You never know. I have thought about stopping my G&W project so many times, but after 22 years I am still here, always doing something, improvements. At times slowly, other times, working like I was on fire. Passion never ends, but at times we need a rest
  5. Zzap! online is in English and was not updated for 18 years. What you are looking at here - is a proper publication (book) in Italian with a proper layout, and hopefully extra contents
  6. You dont work for 20 years on a project if it is not a big one
  7. Tux, the story of your work on Raine is worth being recorded in an interview. As you know I am part of the old Zzap!Raine team, we have known each other since 2001. I am now working on a massive project to bring Zzap!Raine into a book, it is stiill early days (I am 30% in the project) but when I am finished, I would like to include a section just for you, an interview, or a diary, or anything that you wish to say about this massive experience. As I said, still early days, I am working non-stop on this, but it is a huge effort, hopefully will finish phase 1 by November - and I hope you'll still be around when the time comes to finalise the publication - and I really hope you'll be on board
  8. and Raine is the only emulator that supports the EmuDX format and you can play classic games with renewed graphics and sounds. Very fascinating! Tux you have done an amazing job all these years. I understand the lack of help, but the truth is, what you have done is particularly complicated, not many people would have the skill to work with you and address the issues left behind. This is a mammoth project and has been going on for 20+ years. Big big big respect and congratulations (and thank you!)
  9. And one more (as long as the forum allows me to attach small files)
  10. It works This is just a preview - teaser for Tux - hope this gives him some motivation to go on! Project Zzap!Raine is still alive
  11. Yep, I have tried to upload a single image of 64 Kb but got that error and could not upload it. And I have never uploaded anything before.
  12. Hm.... just wanted to post a tiny attachment to show you something to lift the mood and give you some motivation... but although the image is just 64Kb, I am getting a 'file too big' error on the board. If this can be fixed, I can post something you will love
  13. Hey there - sorry I just read this reply a bit late (did not activate the push notifications) Thanks for the kind response, will try the 'old' version 0.91.7. Needless to say, hope to see the DX support fixed permanently. But I do understand what it means to fight against the lack of motivation. Be well my friend, things will get better, I promise.
  14. Hi Tux Long time no see, glad to see that you're still so active and busy with Raine support! Just a bug report about the new Raine releases, 64-bit Windows version. I tried the 'emuDX' versions of the 5 supported games, using the required ROMs and the .dx2 files from the Rainemu online repository. Unfortunately none of the emuDX games seems to run well. All transparencies are shown as purple pixels. I note the original bmp included in the .dx2 files do have purple backgrounds, so it appears to me like what was is purple was supposed to be treated as 'transparent' but this is not happening. Tried with the SDL and DirectX renderers, no change. I have an i7 with a recent Nvidia card, running on Windows 10 64-bit with all latest updates and drivers. Please let me know if you require more info. Tnx Luca
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