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ZiNc 1.0


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which controller plugin works with the tps games? I can get the d-pad working, but not everything else


I noticed they're mapped by letters instead of numbers

Well, I've had no problems with TPS games and I use the Winterblast's controller plugin that came with Aldo's frontend.

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Updated to version 1.0.1


This update fixes a crash in "Susume! Taisen Puzzle-dama" on the Windows version, disables two games that weren´t working, adds the US version of Street Fighter EX, removes the obsolete --verify option, and adds a --rotate option for people with rotatable LCD or arcade monitors. Additionally the Linux version will now run on non-Pentium 4 CPUs. The ROM sets have all been synced to the latest MAME 0.88 - thanks to Brian Troha for pointing out the differences.


Offical Download ZiNc 1.0.1

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It's nice that they worked out the various problems so quickly.


EDIT: It seems like some of the hacked cfg files don't work with the new ZiNc. In other words, you won't see hidden characters in SFEX2Plus. However, the config for SFEXPlus seems to work ok


I've yet to test Rival Schools' config and a few others.

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