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neo geo battle coliseum

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is it supposed to have all chars in every snkp fighting game ever? if not it sucks and I hope it stayes undone

No, it does not. Surely you undestand that putting all characters in there would be an impossible feat? :naughty:

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'm not really expecting that much of battle colliseum just as long as some ninja master's char get there (mainly Sasuke, arasu or Kamui)

I don't think there will be any Ninja Masters characters in NBC.




Too many characters that can perform uppercut.

And who is Kisarah Westfeld??? :)

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hmmmm...looks like room for 5 more characters on that roster...

let me guess....


1.Kain from Garou



4.Raiden/Big Bear

5.Alba Miera (that guys cool!)

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