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KOF maxium impact


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And Chae Lim play almost like Hwoarang from Tekken.

Damn, they should put a Lei Welong wannabe :naughty:

Lei Wulong. Yeah, Lei's one of my favorite characters from Tekken.


@Kyokugen: Related how exactly?

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ok maybe not but its a really good kof fighting game better then kof 2000 and 2001 thats for sure 


can i get an A-MAN


i got u on that man. i hated 2000 and 2001...


best game ever? defitnitly not...but refreshing start? very much so. i put a lil review on my purchase as well at Current Affairs....i like it...

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nope i have only beat the game with terry,iori,seth,mai,yuri. i beat all of missions on 1 and finished all but 1 mission on 2. gets very hard. terry has some cool costumes by the way



duke is pretty serious and his voice is the best in the game not all cheesey like the others.

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i like terrys voice, i love how the names of his commands change when he's Matrure Terry...

for those who dont know


Power wave or groundwave /Live wire

burn knuckle/burning

crack shot/ i cant tell what hes saying

rising tackle/bingo

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