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KOF maxium impact


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i thinks its the perfect 2-d  to 3-d  fighting game.i just brought it yesterday.best KOF  ever hope they stay 3-d.  :afro:  :huh:


cant wait to see yamazaki  or maybe Rugal in 3-d

Yamazaki was already in 3d in Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition
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really i never played it i only seen the screenshots...ugly i'll go check it out again. but anyone who likes the kof series go scoop up maxium impact best game ever.


can someone post a screenshot of yamazaki from wild ambition

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I just bought it yesterday, it took some time to get used of it, but i like it, some of the voices are annoying and i would have prefered japanese on chararacters like Kyo, Iori, and the Kyokugeners but i like the series, i cant wait to see more Maximum Impacts


not to mention i really like the new characters, i cant wait to see Alba in 2-d for kof 2k4

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