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KOF maxium impact


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I still can't get myself to play this game again.

It is fun but after playing with all characters, it get bored.

Plus, I dun like button smashing, or Tekken-like combo.

Give me DOA or VF anytime.

Why don't you like Tekken style?

Oh and what do you guys mean by Duke? As in the guy from burning fight?

One more thing, any new art renders on the new characters/any characters?


Well, not that I like Tekken. But sometimes, you will get annoyed when you are beaten by someone using Christie by button mashing.

But I like the character, Lei WuLong. The change of stances really great. Almost like JC!

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i made a combo with IORI which exceeds 51 hit !! :afro:


i have to say it , but combos in KOF:MI are crappy :thumbsup1:


but it is still a very enjoying game to me :huh:

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i second that kyokugenkiss.


i dont even bother playing it anymore.


maybe i'll play now


same with me, those missions are pissin me off more and more haha. i would play with this game again, but i have this problem where i get new games every 2-3 weeks and never finish what i started....though i am almost done with burnout 3!

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