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The Forum Is Back Up Better Than Ever! + Some New News


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Well everyone, its been 2 weeks now. And EmulForums is back up. All the spam has been deleted

and we have enabled account activation. If you see anyone spam, purposely, please send me or a

mod a PM. Otherwise everything is now back to normal. We are now even a affiliate with

http://www.miskie.net and you can enter our site now with another link

http://emulforums.miskie.net !


I have added many enhancments with this board. If you experience any problems please give me a

PM or send a message to one of mods.


Not only that EmulForums was bought by Backup Gaming Club, and is now under their control. I

am still a admin of the forum. But when something goes wrong, they will take over. Their site will

be up soon.


If you have any other questions, please post it in this thread.

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glad to see it back, now maybe I can visit a forum without there being 50 spammers doing what they do best....


Keep up the good work gamecop...


Yeah here you only gotta worry about one MYSELF :wink:, no seriously though you can tell this forum is such a great one by how all us EmulForum faithfuls are all excited like we won something or something :P.

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