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atomiswave EMULATION

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I call out a challenge to begin atomiswave emulation

KOF neowave,2004

metal slug 6

sam sho 6

and others are being developed

Our neo geo emu's are now a

vintage emulator unable to play these games.

IF you KNow anyone who can program code

dump games

have equipement that might help.

Please make an attemt to assist

It is possible


Remember if this isnt done we will have to wait 5yrs before we can play it on our pc

(the time it takes for the other emulators to come into existence)



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Are you serious? :lol:


It'll be a little while till Atomiswave is emulated, posting a "challenge" to the emulator authors isn't going to speed anything up. There are only a few people capable of doing stuff like this such as the Chankast team. They have been able to load the NAOMI (which is like Atomiswave's older brother) bios and play Virtua Striker.


Another thing, emulation is for old and aging systems which are rare to find, not just so you can play games for free. But good things come to those who wait. :o

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Not to mention that AW uses a different type of cart and encryption. For all I know, they can have frying secutiry chips ala CPS-3.

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damn, I'm soo fuucken tired of seeing ppl say they wanna see atomiswave emulated.


The same fuuckers who say that are the same fuuckers who made that one guy quit the MAME team



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Dude i know the concequence of this my suggestion.

What i want is to start now because look at the cps-3

it has been how many years now and when testing of possibilities of

emulation had begun 5 maybe 6 years and where they have reached

now just a dead boot. What I Propose is to start feasibility studies then is it posssible what encryption is used ?

how complex it is?

what systems may run it?

remember mame took how many years with the current tech to emulate cps-2 games

they still haven't decrypted some games due to protection


Hence if nothing is done now to a least a simple documentation for possible emulation

then the future emulation may take 10 years :gangabanga:



Well i guess i should just wait

and wait and wait and wait..........................................





(10 years later) oh not emulated yet oh well.....................

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Actually, it's because the CPS3's Secutiry Chips keep frying when their dumped, rending the board useless and making it a paper weight. While their are dumps of CPS3 games, they don't work, at all.


Because of that, it's a dead stump right now because those damn chips keep frying.

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I have to agree with the majority that making this sort of announcement won't do anything. People will start working on it when the time is right and they understand the system better.


Besides, Atomiswave just got launched.

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i also have to agree, for all you know the is properly already someone working on an emu for it as we speak, or maybe the not, just cos it took an age for such an emu to come out, doesn't mean some dev team wasn't working on it for an age, you know this things don't happen over night, "hey i know, ill start work on an atomiswave emu now, so i can bring it out in umm maybe 3 or 4 years yeah, see what my point is, no matter when they start, it wont be done till its done, so it could only take 1 year to emulate atomiswave, or it could take 5 or 10, even if it is started now, no one knows.

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The existance of the machine is a challenge in itself for these guys. If you want to see atomiswave emulated, do it yourself. If you have even just a little start, many people will come to help.

If you don't want to do it because you don't know how and don't want to learn, keep your stupid challenges to yourself.

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