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Affordable 64 bit micros


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The newer 939/940 pins CPUs, which will replace the current 754 pins, does not support the Dual DDR Feature. Which truely blows, but it was cheaper for me to buy.


I own the 754 pins 3200+ Athlon 64, which doesn't take the Dual DDR feature, thus rendering my 1GB of DDR400 useless. But the difference between the 754 and 939 isn't that big.

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Main thing is, the 754s don't have the Dual Channel support and the 939s do.


Preformence wise, it isn't that big of a hit.

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how about the FSB? even the ones with 512k cache should have a speed equal to the core clock so if i have a 2 Ghz athlon 64 its FSb would be of 2Ghz

i have seen some benchmarks in which the 3000+ outstands the 3.2 P4 adn i guess it was tedted on 32 bits so if used with 64 bits OS and applications the performance should be better

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Windows XP 64bit is just to get 64bit apps work.

so i wouldn't want to buy it until 64bit programs come out? and it doesn't make thing faster just cuz it's 64-bits?

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