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What do you need to play doom 3

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exactly what do your specs have to be to play this game at its full potential?


I have a Pen 4, 2 Ghz, and 256 mb of ram and running a Radeon 9800 Se AGP, With internal DAC of 400 MHz ?? and memory size of 128 mb.

I know its not the best but would it be sufficient to play doom 3 close to its full potential?



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[H] did benchmarks on D3 with i.d.'s supervision.


Most notable, nVidia cards seem to have teh upper hand most of the time and AMD/A64 CPU's are the prefered CPU's to be used.


Note: No actual computer can play doom 3 at it's fullest because of it's uncompressing texture system. Although it is possible to play it on "Ultra," it will be laggy because of textureswamping, it is highly recommended to have at least 1 GB of RAM and a 256MB video card in doing so (the 1GB will help lower the texture swamping, but it won't remove it).


If you want more information on it, read the benchmark done on [H]ardOCP.

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actually, for the ultra mode, you need a 512mb video card

Yes and No.


Yes: because it will remove practically the "laggyness" between texture swamping.


No: because you can still use it using a 256MB video card, a very good AMD CPU(2800+XP/3000+A64 or higher AMD cpu) and at least 1 to 1.5 Gigs of ram. But it's impossible to get rid of the texture swamping because it still relys on the video card.

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People should already know by now, My spelling mistakes and confusion of words and poor grammer is greater then God himself.

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I'm in Florida while all my new computer parts arrive at a friends house. I feel so helpless. Tomorrow I am going to call all the local game stores, Best Buys, Walmarts, Circuit City's, etc., just to see if they have Doom III available.

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