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"Ryan" <saintmyth391336@yahoo.com> wrote:


    Hey JennyX3 It's me Fatal Rose from 1emulation.com.

    Not sure if you remember me though but I was just

    wondering why you don't post there anymore? You are a

    very smart person and we need more smart people like

    you over here at 1emulation.com. So please respond to

    me with an email telling me what’s up with you, and go

    back to 1emulation please.


JennyX3 replies:

u kiddin me?..they banned me!

can u tell me anything about my topic?..



I only posted that Cosplay pic in that thread as a joke, for the hell of it. It's sad that I had to make a new thread just to post a few words. So anyways what should come next? How should I respond, because I really want to have some fun with this.

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You should ask if Jennyx3 is a he or she. And then say his/her thread was deleted. And use the words "we" and "us" a lot so he/she goes ballistic on you.  :P

Cock master you are a turkey and a coward. Anyways good idea.

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Jennyjennyjenny was a person that came here asking for help on some emulation issues. I was the first one to reply....sadly, things ecalated to the point where he/she/it started to insult me, GryphonKlaw and random guy.

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