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Ryan " <saintmyth391336@yahoo.com> wrote:


    Sadly JennyX3 it's true you have been banned. You were

    the greatest member ever in the history of

    1emulation.com (well second to me of course). Anyways

    your thread was deleted by GameCop. So I was wondering

    what gender are you? Man or woman? Or even both? Oh

    yea if Random Guy, Agozer, GameCop and GryphonClaw or

    any other select member of 1emulation were here right

    now what would you like to say to them?


Jennx3 replies:

well first of all my dear friend u must know that in fact there is no bann...I can use another connection(another ISP) and get in this site again. But there is no reason for that, this site was really useless and had dirty people.Besides there r hundrends of sites like this in the web.

Now...can u help me about my question? r u sega saturn emu familiar?Or just another one igno?


he/she/it still asking about sega saturn emu?

with his/her/its attitude, it will take him/her/it forever :P

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Has Escape From Jenny Island even posted?

Yes, he has. It's in the Request a Rom forum if I'm not mistaken (too lazy to look it up).

I should have guessed. :P


Well Fatal, I think you send him a link to Goatse. :lol:

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I can't believe s/he is still maintaining that attititude, and still asking the same question!


Escape From Jenny Island's posts look nothing like Jennyx3 posts. I wonder if Escape will notice this thread?

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