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The Final NeoWave Wallpapers.


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`96 Team



Kyokugen Team



`97 Team



Korean Team



Very Simple to make

Japan Team



I remade The KOF`98 Team with the non-orochi version of Shermie



Everyone might love this.


Mainly because of Mai :D


Rate all of them plz :P

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My favorite one is the KOF '97 one but they are all quite good. I don't really like the color of KOF '96 but it suits that team. And I hate the Kyokugen team artwork but that's not your fault.


Overall I would give those between 7 and 9.

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I used photoshop and all it's default filters. The only thing that isn't mine is the windows font used for the Korea Team.

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To be honest, I don't really like them. It doesn't look like much effort put into them. A lot of it is just regular filters, and the cloud effect is used in almost every single one. I don't mean to sound like a jerk or anything, I'd like to try to be constructive, but I think that you should work on them a bit more, maybe make it so that the basic filters are less identifiable and more original.

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noooo! i love King because shes supposed to look like a beautiful man!!! i hate it when people make her too femme, like when capcom drew her...too damn curvy!

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I'm constructive. I don't really care about teh bashing.


But i prefer default filters above all. I really hate everything else. Also note, these were just expirmints as well. I'd like to see you put out some stuff like this using ONLY default filters of 7. Not CS or it's expansions like Elements. Just 7 alone.


King is a woman after all :\ AKIMAN and Shinkiro's art renditions are badass.


An this thread should die because it's old.


People need to see the date of these topics.


And now, i shall leave.

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