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  1. i would like to come back a a cross breed of the big cats... part lion, tiger (bengal), cheetah, puma, panther... you know... cept id like to have some super strong armor thats really light so i cant be shot. and to be worshiped by some culture as a god...
  2. politicians do nothing for no-one but themselves. e.g. bush, blair... clinton!
  3. something more possible... destroy GameCop and his evil plan to not allow scantily clad gifs on here!!!
  4. if your editing animated gifs... you should be in image ready not photoshop
  5. meh. You used Webtv? I like to do that too but It is more comfortable to sit in a couch or a bed . That way you can pretend to fall asleep when someone goes in nope never tried webtv its a dead concept here... it required a set top box which is no longer in stores i dont think but yeah i hooked up my computer to my tv so i can lay on my bed and watch but i still end up in a chair infront of my desk
  6. TREE HUGGER. ENVIRONMENTALIST. DIRT KISSER. MUD SLINGER. yeah yeah ya know it... greenpeace has nothing on me!!
  7. i would like to destroy all humanity and delivert this land back to mother nature
  8. i spend alot of time infront of my computer... i sit infront of it when i watch tv or play games aswell...
  9. ill be a ash crimson crossed with he-man with a dash of starscream in it somewhere! oh and just to be awkward ill have 3 arms one for hemans sword one for the sword of omens and one for other matters
  10. it might mean nothing... you might not be religious!
  11. you mean youll PM it and try to cyber
  12. madonna apparently drinks her own urine its actually supposed to be good for you and its also supposed to be good on certain stings...
  13. your supposed to be the scorekeeper not me!! i dont remember my scores
  14. yeah i know but i had 36 wins 30 losses on kof2003 i won 4-0 against mads... so therefore i should now have 40 wins 30 losses!!
  15. Diso... you trying to cheat some here???? i should be at 40-30!!!! not 32-39
  16. oh and add 4-0 to me against mads... i used ash, joe and mai!
  17. Well...Since we are bragging.. I Owned ash with characters I never used before. Thats saying something you use no style no technique just cheap nasty repetative attacks!! thats the hardest to combat againt... get technical ill whoop you!
  18. trips and falls and gets into a fist fight with the scientist
  20. hellsings pretty cool... but the insanity of flcl has me reeling in hysterics!!
  21. isnt the gungrave anime old?? i swear i saw it on dla a looonnnggg time ago
  22. I see... you wait til over a week after and then one mornin when im asleep you discuss mah work yeah chun-li's by an artist at UDON... the rest is pretty basic stuff and erm my fanart isnt as bad as you think K`maybe oneday youll see some
  23. its scanty??!?! dude... its from an emulated version of sf3:ts... and theres no nudity it sounds like harrasment to me!!!
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