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What are you listening to? Part 69

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"Purgatory" by Assemblage 23


So here I stand

Completely alone

My skin absorbs the rain


Helpless to control

Pieces within the whole

I can feel it starting again


A sudden descent

I never meant

To manifest itself


Caught unaware

In frozen air

By visions sent in stealth


How far I've fallen

Dancing in the ruins of Purgatory

My time is borrowed

But still I waste away


I've seen your eyes

Search desperate skies

For meaning they can't find


Succumbed to fate's

Unsteady gait

And found it too unkind


Plunge through the depths

Of what you let

Control you for too long


Life's fickle hand

Dealt reprimands

You prayed for all along


How far you've fallen

Dancing in the ruins of Purgatory

Your time is borrowed

But still you waste away


Watch the world pass

Through broken glass

And wonder what went wrong


Monuments fall

On shattered walls

We once thought were so strong


Our false beliefs

Are merely thieves

That steal our precious time


And off they flee

In symmetry

Never punished for their crimes


How far we've fallen

Dancing in the ruins of Purgatory

Our time is borrowed

But still we waste away

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