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im bored i got



nfl 2k1

resident evil code veronica

zombie revenge

grand theft auto 2

blue stinger

capcom vs snk

marvel vs capcom

marvel vs capcom 2

capcom vs snk 2

kof 2k2

metal slug 2

street fighter 3 third strike

half life



kof 99

kof 99 evolution

fire pro wrestling

sonic 2

crazy taxi 2

gundam vs zeon


cannon spike

silent scope

tony hawk

tennis 2k2

sega marine fishing

guilty gear x

wsb 2k2


power stone

fighting vipers

san franciso rush 2049

daytona usa

resident evil 2

street fighter 3 double impact

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Top Posters In This Topic

im bored i got



marvel vs capcom 2

capcom vs snk 2

I've nothing and that's the two game I really want, where do you find it or is it bought?

You can find those two on DC++. Hell, if I'm on there ([ERH]GryphonKlaw) message me and I'll grant you a slot. But a lot of people have those two games.


I'm still trying to get Sonic Adventure 1...

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DC++ kind of sucks cause u cant get games there if your lucky and find someone who shares like GryphonKlaw

Oh yeah, I remember you getting stuff from me. :rolleyes:


And DragonKeeper, if you want SF3: Double Impact get on DC++ at emu.servegame.com and get it from me. I'll grant you a slot if I'm full. That is if you like DC++, it can get quite slow.

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