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Problem With My Dc

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The reason for this is most likely that you're trying to run a european format game in a north american dreamcast, or vice versa.

If you are using a back-up (cd-r), you can download a fix patch at megagames

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Strange, if I'm playing "Sonic Adventures", I've got the same problem.. the stripes and stuff.

But the game is PAL and also is the console... is the problem in my TV ?

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No, the hz doesn't change anything... It doesen't matter if I choose 50 or 60hz




Can someone tell me, why do I need this cable?



Because this doesn't fit in here.


And why do I need this ?


hint: click

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Oh, I know your problem SFX. I have it too with my S-Video cable. You have to pull up and jam that thing in the socket for it to work properly. It's a pain in the ass but its nice once the cable settles in its G-spot. But make sure you don't touch that cable once its all working because it will mess up again.


Does that cable not fit at all or it just doesn't go all the way?

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