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Chanka Dreamcast Emulator Will Release Next Week!


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To clarify a few things....


I own an Iomega ZIP drive. It's the old model (ZIP 100), which means that it only support 100MB disks. There's also another ZIP 250 model that reads 100MB disks and 250MB disks. Zip disks have never gone up to 1GB.


What K`dash was referring to is the Iomega Jazz, which can hold even more than 1GB, but that's not a disk drive per se, but a DAT tape drive.

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i wonder if mvsc2 is playable even in 20fps...

Well in the video the Sega Dreamcast logo is running at about 20 fps and looks really choppy. I don't know if thats a current form of the emulator but if it emulates the logo at 20 fps just imagine how slow the games will be.

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