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Help With Finding Fbaxxx Pr Compile

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I d/l'ed pricans compile of fbaxxx off of the newsgroup but i got a bad dl or something because it said that the file was corrupt and it was missing a default.xbe. Could anyone plz help me find his compile or maybe just the missing default plz? it would be greatly appreciated. Zhugeliang_@hotmail.com

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you know you could've just pm me but any way i'll send you the default.xbe


i've heard from gogo's forum that theres gonna be another release soon so i'll wait for that one and then make another post to newsgroups ;)

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I must say big thankyou to PRican for 13-5 prspec. It works very well to my testing! i don't have many roms, but.. I only noticed 1 rom didn't work 100% and I know this is probably the wrong thread even forum to post on (coz the problem is with gogo's original too) but Id just thought I'd mention it.. also not that I play Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon all that much... (ok I did finish it...) The background graphics are scrambled up in these builds but used to work OK in older versions of fbax/fbaxxx coz I did finish it.. the CRC reports 'fine' but yeah.. BG gfx messed up.. dont bother me but it maybe affecting other games aswell..


anyone else noticed anything like this ? on sailormn or other roms?



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