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Help With Finding Fbaxxx Pr Compile

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I d/l'ed pricans compile of fbaxxx off of the newsgroup but i got a bad dl or something because it said that the file was corrupt and it was missing a default.xbe. Could anyone plz help me find his compile or maybe just the missing default plz? it would be greatly appreciated. Zhugeliang_@hotmail.com

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I must say big thankyou to PRican for 13-5 prspec. It works very well to my testing! i don't have many roms, but.. I only noticed 1 rom didn't work 100% and I know this is probably the wrong thread even forum to post on (coz the problem is with gogo's original too) but Id just thought I'd mention it.. also not that I play Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon all that much... (ok I did finish it...) The background graphics are scrambled up in these builds but used to work OK in older versions of fbax/fbaxxx coz I did finish it.. the CRC reports 'fine' but yeah.. BG gfx messed up.. dont bother me but it maybe affecting other games aswell..


anyone else noticed anything like this ? on sailormn or other roms?



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