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The Best Emulator Ever

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That looks sweet! But the closest thing to a neo-geo game I played on the xbox is the Metal Slug 3 demo.

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thanx for all the positive feedback...ive seen all kinds of vga to jamma cabs running pc's but they just dont get it right like the xbox does...i am limited by the 733 mhz processor for mame though...i would looooove to get tekken 1,2,3,tag and ohhhhhh man sould calibur 1 arcade would be the cooooolest to get running on mameox....but the toss up to that is all the amazing fighting games for xbox that are just sweeeet like soul calibur 2 and guilty gear xx reload and marvel vs capcom 2...



my next project is a capcom 6 button cab from like marvel vs capcom and tweaking it out perfectly.....



you all ownz!






i get xbox's for 100.00 used.....thats far cheaper than any pc that can do the same horsepower\money.....and waaaaay cheaper than buying 4800 arcade pcb's




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