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  1. I tried the patch samsh5sp-m1d_b5abda07_to_3ca75c37 which worked fine and gave me a 512 bin file,but then tried patching the 512 bin with the patch samsh5sp-m1d_3ca75c37_to_203d744e but ended up with a 2048 bin file but not with a crc of 203d744e. Can anyone help me to convert m1d(b5abda07) to (203d744e) Hope this makes sence to someone coz i dont know what the hell i'm doing !! Thanks
  2. please can you repost the patch as its a dead link thanks
  3. where can i find dat generated by fba-xxx as i cant see it in my fba-xxx folder
  4. when i try to run the latest dat on romcenter i get an error:- List Error Out Of Bounds(0) when i select my rom folder.I never had this problem with the last dat. Any Ideas..thanks
  5. Prican,did you do a compile with the old romset ?
  6. Ime based in the uk,does anyone know where i can buy a red dreamcast replacement case. thanks
  7. Has the prican build been uploaded to newsgroups yet ? and what differences are there to the romset from the last version. thanks
  8. I have exactly the same problem when loading metal slug 5 268-p1n.bin
  9. Great news,will the romset be the same as your previous versions ?
  10. Go into xbox setup and set your time/date to correct settings. It done the same to me until i did this
  11. Will there be a new prican build of FBAXXX or is there a prob with the source ?
  12. yep,tried that cue in alchohol myself and got the same error !! Try it in nero as it seems to work ok,dunno why hope that helps
  13. create a cue sheet then burn with alchohol 120%,works fine with my real neocd
  14. Sammaz, What is that menu you have running in that cab ?
  15. I personally think that fba-xxx on my xbox looks better than mame run through my 29" sony tv,just my opinion.
  16. That cabinet looks awsome !! Were could i get a menu like the one you have on your cab ?
  17. will there be a Prican25 build of 13_5 update,as the prican build seems to like my romset better . cant seem to find the odd roms to complete gogo's build.
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