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What Emulators Are There For The X-box


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:P well he means for you to get on irc and then join an efnet server and then join the channel called xbins. from there you msg the bot of the same name with !list and you'll get a pm with ftp info to their site.


xbins has just about everything you would want in app/emus and even some homebrew games or pc ports like doomx and quakex.


if you need help with irc, www.irchelp.org should give you plenty of info :P

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well lets start with mame emus:

mame ox is the latest mame emu out and like the pc versions it will play a lot of games tho there is a problem thats due to the xbox's specs; xbox has a 733mhz celeron and only 64mb and many big roms or even some small roms (sf1 for example) that use more memory won't run on xbox. also some games like the mk's play slower again due to xbox's limits. mame ox doesn't use vmm (virtual memory) like fba-x or kawa-x and it was something that a lot a ppl were hoping to implemented but a recent topic in X-S forums lantus has said that he tried to help but it will be a lot of work and it could take a year or so (depends on the constant changes to mame) so pretty much we're stuck with what we got which great. another unfortunate problem is that this emu rarely gets updated (last version was 79).


mame-x is an older version (last version of it was based on mame 61) but theres some good points to having an older version, one is the the midway dcs sound hack is in 61 so mk2 and nbajam's play damn good with minor sound clipping but unfortnately mame-x doesn't play all games mame ox can (mk3's and wwf wrestlemania don't load) but it too doesn't have vmm.


so for mame emus on xbox, its best to have both.


also many of you might've heard you can upgrade your xbox by memory/cpu and the memory upgrade adds 64mb and with it mame can play the few that didn't work before with 64mb of memory. i haven't really heard much about the cpu upgrade but i do know that if you do go for it, that some normal xbox games won't play right (even on the 740Mhz mode) so if you play emus more then xbox games it should help (i read that ki2 for the u64x emu plays up to speed with the cpu update)

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