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How do you earn your bread in life?


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I was woundering what you guys do to rake in the pennys?

Or if your at college uni what your studying.

I need some ideas for my next job because i have had everyjob under the sun rangeing from

Truck body builder[not weights but the chassis of trucks]

A porter at a hospital

Postal work in a hospital

i have been a baker twice

a trainee electrician [finnished because the guy was ripping of my wage]

manuel labarour anything to brick laying to depot sorting

Warehouse order picker[ur horribile job]

i re attended college to bone up on my g c s e[ stpped because the maths baked my brain]

I have also got a F L T license for both counter balence and reach i yhave done quit a bit of work on them[ IT gets really boring after about a month]

So i was just woundering what do you do?

I want a good job like anybody else in this world but i am exzasting what i can do due to my shrt attention span also konwn as lazyness[ i wont lie im lazy lol]

What do you do?

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:lol: damn you stole my idea someboddy


I just finished university. I work for a website design company at the moment. I don't really want to stay with them though, so I will probably move around March next year.


So you could consider web design. Maybe do a course at college or just gain experience yourself at home. Most web design companies are more interesting in seeing examples of your work than actually seeing letter next to your name. They also like someone which is up to date with things in the tech industry, which you probably are.


Failing that you could be a camera man for adult movies! :D

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I just finished university. I work for a website design company at the moment.


i was considering something like that myself, but only if i could do it most of the time from home. i dont think i could be cooped up in a cubical all day long or anything. I WOULD GO INSANE! :D


right now, i do two things. first is as a freelance illustrator and painter. i work mostly on commision, doing portraits for people and stuff, but sometimes im able to sell some of my own work that i do on the side. my second job is a night job. im assistant to the manager of a newspaper print shop. its ok work. i just recently got promoted to this title. if i hadnt gotten promoted within ther next year though, i would have left to look for something else.


hey emsley, you mentioned trucks. why not become a truck driver. i hear they make good money, if you dont mind the long drives and the responsability for something that big and all. one thing though, i dont know how it is in your part of the world, but in america, truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. this is because they are always getting robbed and stuff. so, i guess that is something you should look at before choosing it as a career. you know,...if you like living and stuff. :lol::D

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I currently am a supervisor/health and safety rep at an MDF mouldings manufacturing plant.

I work on the side as a PC repair technician (Not certified yet, but I could sleep through A+, and probably the first level of MCSE as well) doing jobs for businesses I have ties with.


In the spring I am taking Electronics Engineering.

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Everyonne in america and folk i know have got eithier awsome jobs or

some kinde of kick ass qaulifications.

The only bright light in my life at the moment is my voice and the band when it comes together :lol:

I had a bass guitarist and a drummer but my bass guitarist went back to his old buddy to do stuf with them.

Theres no way im lieing down in this life with out leaving a mark of some kinde at the moment my voice is all i got :D

i can play guitar but have not yet accomplished what i would call good guitar playing.

My voice is the light i have in my bleak life.

If i ever get famous you guys can count on Back stage passes :D

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Truck driveing ME! welllll.

I guess i get to pick up trialer park trash lol.

In america its like they hall petrol and crap all over the place it looks mad,

like that film duel.

I may have mentioned this before but i was going to be a fireman but some crazy recuirments screwed my little dream up.

Thanks for listening to me spin.

Wine is fine tonight i like wine.hehe

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