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Metrosexuality is the new sexual revolution! I think what it originally meant was that you are open to any and all sexual encounters (like a kind of extreme bi-sexuality) but nowadays it more replies to guys who dress snappily, maybe put on some make-up etc... You know, like the whole 'queer eye for the straight guy' thing. You're still completely hetero, but you like the look of yourself in leather pants, or something like that.

I dunno, I can't really explain it myslef, mainly because I don't really understand it - I have no fashion sense or range, every day I wear black jeans and a t-shirt of some sort (usually with bands on them).

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thx for clearing that up somehow.........

He he, do I detect a note of sarcasm in that post? Oh well, I tried.


Interesting fact that I got from Eddie Izzard, a British transvestite stand-up comedian; did you know most transvestites prefer women? Most transvestites are heterosexual guys who simply like dressing up in high-heels and dresses.

i could see where it could cause some problems, but then again there'd be more avenues for bonding with your girlfriend: going shopping together would take on a whole new meaning :D


(Violence, I wasn't calling you a transexual, by the way! :P )

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I respect Violence's sex choice..... If thinks it takes alot 'o' guts to go

str8 out there and dress how u feel........

yup yup, i dig ur threads violence. if i can pull it off the way you do, hell id do it. but since i cant...jeans and polo shirts... :D haha

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