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Actually I had this weird ass dream a few nights ago. I remember it because I actually woke up. I don't remember much of it but I remember just the part before I woke up. This is how it went:


I was doing a project on magnetism for Physics and I created this semi powerful magnet in my room. It was an electromagnet made of coils of wire. I went to turn it on and it was facing my computer desk. Right after I turned it on I realized what I had just done so I quickly turned my computer on and everything was erased.


At that point I quickly jumped out of bed to see if my files were still intact. I rarely wake up from dreams but this was just very real.

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GryphonKlaw..it had no significance to weirdness..its not like you woke up and you actually did find your HD formatted..but yeah..if that happened to me i would get scared, sometiems dreams do feel real..and do you guys ever wonder why sometimes when you try to get up..but your body doesnt move..but you know your awake, well it has nothing to do with the supernatural..the dumbass VIETS go around saying "omg yesterday a ghost was choking me" yeah right..it actually has somethign to do with your body being awake,but your mind isnt.. i read that in psychology

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