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What happened to Harold Ramis after the Ghostbusters movies?

He directs and produces things now. The last movie I recall seeing him in was Orange County. He directed the Analyze This and That movies.

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now i'm really confused also cuz i have no idea what a metrosexual is....... i first i thought of him as a girl then i saw a the pic over the signature and i started to wander, so no offence violence what r u exactly.....

Well Let's See, I Consider myself a swinger :D

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I respect Violence's sex choice..... If thinks it takes alot 'o' guts to go

str8 out there and dress how u feel........

yes yes, thank you i just do or dress the way i want :lol:



when i read this magazine article with an interview with Brian Molko Of PLACEBO "one of my all time fav bands" he had this quote that made me feel good... har har



It's Actually A Case Of Saying That You're Trying To Look

Like A Woman. It's More That You Are What You Are. That You're

Choosing To Dress The Way You Please, And It's Kind Of SELF-CONFIDENCE

That Allows You To pull That Off. - Brian Molko

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Well first you spot the ghost, then you turn your proton pack on. Then you let your gun rip paralyzing the ghost where it stands. Then its time for the trap, kick that bad boy in there and let er rip. Then you've got a ghost in a box to be stored at the local ghost storage facility :D o yeaa

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is there really such thing as real life ghostbusters?

Yeah there are. It's those psychic freaks who come and chant things and spread incense to drive out the eeeeevil spirits from your house.


I prefer Proton packs carrying Ghostbusters. :D

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Axl, you don't like conservationists? Are you sure you don't mean conservatives? Um, I don't think communists would fall under anti-homosexual since they're the extreme left... Nazis would be right, though. Rag, you also gotta make sure the ghost storage facility isn't reaching maximum capacity. Also, watch out for the afterworld court as they don't like it when you "zap" ghosts. Make sure you're not messing with demons either as they're a whole different story. :D

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