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Anyone got an idea for a good avatar?


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My Avatar is.. well...


Take a look.



Anyway, While this might be nice.. it doesn't exactly fit the world that i'm chatting in.. and it doesn't exactly fit.. me.


If anyone has an idea of a decent avatar (or a site that has a bunch) let me know.. I'm not really that picky, I love just about anything.


Tho I do have to admit.. it looks cool flying through space like that.

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take a look at mine. i got it from that site. :D


And I'll likely have nightmares for weeks about that guy hasing me down some long, dark alley. :D

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I've thought about that, but i'm trying to leave the whole A@H thing behind.. I've gorn tired of Mr Eckel.. He reminds me more of a dictator then an administrator..


No offence meant to anyone here who likes him.

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Ah sure, he can be a dickhead.

But he just likes to stir the pot once in a while (Kinda like me, except he's more blunt most of the time)

Maybe you've never seen my rants? I can get downright abusive, given just cause. lol

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I think your current one is pretty cool too. But like alexis says, maybe you could go for a drawing which would be pretty cool.


I think I am going to make a new avatar. My one sucks  :D


For now.. I might keep the pegasus.. it fits my signature pretty well..


and to be honest? I liked your avatar.

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