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Anyone got an idea for a good avatar?


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He he has changed it bit still a swirly swirl.


The swirly swirl had to stay. Otherwise I wouldn't be a very good fanboy :D I also made an Ecco the dolphin sig with it. Not because I like Ecco the dolphin on the DC(because I don't, its the most boring game ever) but because I like blue. I suppose I could have had sonic instead of ecco.....


/me slaps himself


PS if anyone finds it too big I can make it smaller.

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That signature of your DreamCastLover is seriously awesome. The quality of the picture is really good. It kind of looks 3D like too!


Great Job, as for SgtSarros, hmm.. Google btw, has a new image finding system just click on the images tab and you can search for them and see what you can find.



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i remember someone, not naming any names, had a avatar of two little video game characters doing, hmm...how should i put it, THE WILD MONKEY DANCE. gamecop did not like this one bit. so i doubt that this would EVER be allowed. sorry to tell ya. :oops:


if you have your heart set on it. well, some porn sites have forums to join. umm...not that i belong to one or anything, koff...koff. im sure they wouldnt mind a good x-rated avatar. :roll:

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hey listen if you masturbate you ill end up in hell  :D  




Never knew you were a kitten, nor that Dokomun's existed.

Ok nobody whack off! Or Alexis will die by the hand of Dokumun's!


Where that damn picture showing the Dokomun's chasing the kitty and says "Every time you masturbate, god kills a kitten"?

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