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Favorite Japanese games?

That could be a long list. :D


I'll just say my best of the best

the Ys series (I still dont' see why this series didnt take off in the USA)

and Star Ocean for the SNES.

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StarOcean? Ok it's awesome because...

it's pretty

it's a rpg that not only has a good story, but

is not entirely linear

it's half rpg, half buttonmasher :D

the whole talent system is damn nifty

the whole "it's cool cause i can't have it" thing. just the fact that i'd been waiting for the translation to be atleast v1.0 before i played it hyped it up for me.

it's a snes game made by enix?


But, the portraits on the status screen are horrible, Tales of Phantasia definitely has the upper hand there.

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