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Anyone Has This ?

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anyone got this cps-2 rom or any link to it plz i really want it.... is the only rom for cps-2 that i'm missing :blink:

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A moderator should move this soon (hopefully). Check out -Link removed. Rread board rules.- for the rom. If it's in MAME, just check the MAME section. Otherwise, check the new emulator section and the Nebula and/or Kawaks subsection. You have to sign up (free) to actually get into the site and download the roms, though.

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alrite let me see.....pretty much nothing. the only drastic change is the music and the fact that u can play different versions of characters from the various upgrades...(ken from Street Fighter 2 Turbo v.s ken from super street fighter 2.) of course u knew that. its a kool game if u are a hardcore street fighter fan like myself where i really liked the newer versions of the music, and the mix up matches. but if u are new school and u are more adapt to the more modern Capcom fighting games, then this game isnt much for ya....

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