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Pc Freezing


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  • 2 weeks later...

Always read the documention for BIOS updates carefully. I can sympathize with you though. Win2k was doing a similar crashing thing so I reformatted the harddrive and reinstalled everything. Now it works better then before! When I first got this machine though windows was always having problems until I updated the bios.


hmmm...if it is a bios problem try finding the manufacturer's website and ask around to see if other people have the same problem.


However, the whole dilemma you mentioned with the power supply could also be to blame. Perhaps something got fried?


Oh, yes, one last thing, some windows updates conflict with each other and can cause the computer to hang like you describe. If you do a clean re-install only patch your OS with critical updates.


Well, I'm out of ideas. Good luck.

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