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Why this set doesn´t appear in the screen of KawaX if the sengoku3.zip its in the list of supoorted games???

The only one that appears its sngoku3n.zip

sengoku3 is the encrypted parent set, it doesn't work in Kawa-X & is disabled.


sngoku3n (predecrypted) works fine with Kawa-X.

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yea kawa-x calls for sngoku3n - the original kawa-x supported this rom. Like Mr.X says, kawa-x has it disabled.


i carried that set over to fbax since sengoku 3 was NOT supported. So it also looks for sngoku3n.

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Anyone know where I can find this exact set?


I know this belongs in the Rom Request joint but this seems like a more active thread. So after one of you mods moves this to the rom request forum, can you tell me where I can get this decrypted sengoku3 set?

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