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Comments on FBAGhost 'Project D'

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Yes they work fine. As I have said before you will need to port over (at least some of) the latest neogeo driver. It seems you are just trying to edit d_neogeo.cpp and in FBAx b4 that will not get all the games working.

Yeah, ive kinda been avoiding that but i guess ive gone as far as I could with B4. Thats exactly what Ive been doing is simply editing the d_neogeo.cpp and besides those 2 games, it worked. Ill take the plunge and import the latest stuff into the source and see what happens. This basically means im going to take the 'NEOGEO' folder from the latest build and drop it into the b4 sources 'NEOGEO' folder to replace the ones in there.


Thats the extent of my knowledge if theres code i have to change/edit........LMAO forget it!



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bullshit? Im sorry, last time i checked myself and TMaul ported FBA. We busted our asses over 3 solid weeks getting decryption working in 64Megs of memory. I, personally am proud to achieve such a feat, as there were many many hurdles to overcome.

I don't think anyone thinks FBAX was a simple task and everything you all did to achieve the decryption, VMM, etc that it provides. I can also appreciate the pride you feel in achieving such a task. Good job!


Allowing the fully decrypted sets is simply a matter of flexibility.


Nothing more than that.


Thanks again for your hard work and I hope you werent so pissed off that you only intended on making that 1 comment. Come back again.

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as for my comment, yes pc versions decrypt encrypted roms but they also play the decrypted rom sets as i was saying. only in fba's case its commentted out the drivers for the nd sets for unknown reasons but all i'm saying is fbax should've added support for nd sets.


I agree. What's the point of having the larger ROMS taking up space on your HDD when you can use the smaller decrypted sets AND not have to wait for the decryption to take place? I think most people would obviously prefer to use the decrypted sets as there is no advantage (that I can see) to use the others.

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