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The Passion Of The Christ


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And for whoever made the comment about Santa, he was based off of a bishop named St. Nicholas who also existed.  just an FYI  :P).

That whoever was me. And I know he is based on St. Nicholas. I was referring to the Coca-Cola-commercialized-Santa Claus. You know, the non-religious one that goes "Ho ho ho" and promises kids presents.


I'm only in between classes now so you'll have to wait till I have a longer break for a another reply. So stay tuned to this thread, cause we'll be right back! And now a word from our sponsers: Coca-Cola, McDonalds (I'm hatin' it!) and Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."

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Saying religion is the cause of problems is like saying guns are the cause of problems, sure both are tools that can cause harm, but say we got rid of religion or got rid of all guns, the humans will eventually find another way to bring harm upon other people


people have the right to believe or not-believe whatever they want, but what I hate is when people try to bring down those who do believe, by calling them fools for believing in "imaginary things", at the same time I can't stand the so called "believers" who try and bring down the non-believers with their hell threats and all

But guns were made solely for the purpose of killing people. Relgion on the other hand was a way for people to identify with something that would give them a purpose in life.


I realize that my saying that people that believe in god believe in useless imaginary beings came out wrong and I apologize. But those are my reasons for not believing. And the main problem I do have with religion now, is the thing you said about believers saying that all nonbelievers are going to hell.


That's just complete bullshit and something God, if there is one, would not appreciate. He/She/It would love all his/her/it's creatures and pass the final judgement face to face.


Hmm...I'm rambling...but anyway.


I'm not blaming religion for anything, I'm just saying that it has caused people to feel overrightous about themselves and then dispense their beliefs on everyone else. That's what pisses me off.


And now, lunch time.

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Hey shiba, PM it to me. I would like to read it. :P And I'm not protesting like a hippie if that's what you're implying. And I can stomach the violence and gore; I have to be able to for my future profession as a doctor. It's going to own!


Whoever mentioned that the nails did not go through the hand but rather through the wrist is absolutely correct. The nail (spike actually) had to be nailed in between the radius and ulna to provide the proper support. And this spike scrapped against the nerves in the wrist so I'm sure that was ultra painful.


The method of dying on the cross is not the bleeding or being nailed to wood, it's suffocating because as the body can't hold it self up, it is harder and harder to breathe. Its like drowning in air, kind of.


I'm going to see the movie later tonight but one thing I've seen in the previews that is a bit historically inaccurate is that Jesus was carrying a cross. He did not carry a cross per se, but rather he was bound tightly to a single log or beam of wood that was strapped to his shoulders. Kind of like carrying a dead deer. And then he was hoisted up and that piece was attached to a vertical pole already set up, in this case at Mt. Golgotha.


The reason I know this stuff is because I went to Catholic school from 3rd grade to the end of 10th grade.

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"And the main problem I do have with religion now, is the thing you said about believers saying that all nonbelievers are going to hell. "





Not all religions say that if you are not a member, you will go to hell, the Catholic religion says that as long as you live with morals, you can have a good afterlife. I understand your point though, Protestants tell me I'm going to hell all the time.


And the commercialized Santa and any form of Santa is based off of St. Nicholas. He wore red and would leave little presents to children who left their shoes out on Christmas. He probably had a beard, but I don't know about the Ho Ho Ho part, that's cheesy :lol:

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Passion of Christ... AHH THE HELL WITH IT... I saw it and I must say its pretty intense. I use to be religeous but not anymore however I still wanted to see this movie. If this movie doesn't make you cringe at least once, then you have problems for the crucifixtion part is very graphic.

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i saw it, i didnt think it was that big a deal, i think it was a dud


3/10 rating


i was going to fall asleep it bored me so much


Im not even kidding, why is everyone making such a big deal? I think it was pretty stupid. Sorry for sounding like an asshole, but really, i dont get what the big deal was


it was like all the hype over the flop that was Devil May Cry 2


It was violent, yeah, but ive seen WAAAAAAAY worse, people are just saying this is the most violent movie theyve ever seen because they are either ignorant, live under a rock, or just want to fit in with the crowd


Im exposed to more violence than that movie has in its 3 hours or whatever waste of time it was in 45 minutes just by playing certain video games


Oh yeah, Has anyone seen House Of 1000 Corpses Unrated Edition? hell, even the R version? thats 100000X more violence and blood than this movie had!

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ok to what gryphon klaw said like 3 pages ago.. um. first of all im a christian. and i dont believe that jew nor the romans killed jesus christ.its every one's fault..


ok and 2nd. the "christian" religion wont phase out.because the christian religion has been in this world since jesus christ was living on this earth..yea.the babylonian Gods are gone.and egyptians Gods are gone.but they are fake.. and you might say.how can you downright say that?.because thats the truth.. in the movie pontius pilate asks what is the trutH?.the truth is."jesus christ"died for our sins.


wow..nvm..this is bad psot.but if any of you guys wants to talk to me about it.than feel free to IM em on my aim LL krnfob LL.. i wont try to change ur views or anythign..but its interesting for me to talk about it with other people.. its cool to hear other point of views.of religion and christianity..aite.well hope to talk to u guys.cya..

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and what do you guys know about religion to say any crap about religion?..freedom of speech.freedom of relgiion.isn't this what this country" United STates of America" was found for?.stupid englishmen came seraching for land to get awayu from relgiious prosecution. so they came to this land..they kicked out the native americans..called it the "USA"..man.that is bs..ok anyways.


religion itself doesn't ruin humanity.. people ruin themselves..we are ruining ourselves.u guys see that?.. scientists are trying to make immunities for our bodies so that we could somehow deflect all the viruses that are knwo to man.but every freakin month..probably a new virus is found...we'll keep on fighthing..and like the nuclear war..they engineers said that the nuclear bomb would solve all problems..did it?.no.we still are on the verge of nuclear war.like n.korea.which has several nukes..i mean.we live in such a nice environment that our eyes dont see the true environment..


eventually..we we'll ruin ourselves..trying to change our genes.by genetical enginerring...and if ur christian.u'll be saved.and if ur not..u wont be.thats the truth.. imean.freedom of relgiion.right?....

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