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My First Xbox Chipping Experience about to begin!!


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Since i didnt do anything last time (someone chipped my box for me), i dont know anything about Xbox Chipping, i know im gonna get X2.3 Mod Chip and the X2 4981 BIOS, I have version 1.5 Xbox, and i would like to avoid soldering, does anyone know a goto site to buy a modchip, or if i can buy one off one of you guys? Also, is there any good guides to doing this? Can i get games to the XBox with A crossover cable?

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Well, I'm guessing you're not in the UK, but there is a superb site over here that offers modchips, with a great after sales support forum too.

Perhaps they do shipping to the US?


I know it may be more expensive, but I figure it may be worth it for the support?


anyway the site is premodded.com


Even if you don't wanna buy from there, the forum is worth a look.

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hmm okay, Im in US, and i think i could somehow get money changed, isnt their something called International Check? or Travellers Check? or something that does this? heh i have no idea really how i would change it to Euros

International Money Order? :lol:

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Your best bet is to try System-Mods.com (http://www.system-mods.com/index2.php).


They're the only official reseller actually in the US for X2s. The rest are either UK or Canadian and it may cost you a little more to ship from those countries. Make sure you get the X2.3b Lite Plus since that's the solderless one.


As for installation diagrams, Team Xecuter has great walkthrough diagrams on their website (http://www.teamxecuter.com/x23b.htm) to make it easier to install.


The hardest thing you're going to have with the solderless modchip is aligning the d0 point. It's very finicky and it must be aligned just right or else the chip won't work.

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