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Actual Commercial Being Aired In My Area


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I don't know how many of you have seen this, but i certainly have, and im loving it..kinda...


This is an actual commercial being aired in my area, so fair no one out of state (michigan) has seen this that ive talked to, they are just so amazed at how stupid and demented TV is now adays, some people wont even beleive that this is real, but it is real my friends, it is VERY real


The following is an actual commercial for Quiznos Subs...


Featuring...the...umm....demented mexican hamster.....things.....


This is just so demented, at first i was scared, and now my demented side is loving it, because i love demented stuff...anyway, no more stalling...


Freaky wasnt it?

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I'm getting sooooo tired of that commercial, it's driving me up the wall.

That and those "Ashley Madison" commericials.

FYI Ashely Madison is an agency that basically, lets you pay them to meet other people for the sole purpose of cheating on your spouse! If you've seen the commercial, you'd know how stupid and retarded it really is.

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I actually consider you lucky man


In my school there are very simple rules...


Know ANYTHING about computers besides using AIM=Nerd


using a word longer than 8 letters and pronouncing it right=geek

Have good grades in lots/all of your classes=You have no life or friends

you dont hate EVERY teacher-retard



As you can tell my school is full of morons and i hate everyone, anyone who is "cool" is stupid because they yell at me for things like "You know too much" they cant put together simple sentances!!


Oh well, there are PLENTY of rejects :) as long as i got my best friend ryan im ok

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I cant believe this is actually on tv. Although its pretty funny...and wierd.

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