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What does your desktop look like?


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how do i show my desktop?

Take a screenshot by pressing the 'Print Screen' key on yur keyboard. Then use a photo editing program like photoshop or if u dont have ithat use ms paint (start -> all programs -> accessories -> paint), press ctrl+v to paste it n save as a jpeg image.

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1. What QCD skin is that?

2. What OS you got? (98, XP, or WindowsBlinds skin)

3. What is the name of the skin?


EDIT: forget about the first question. You are using Winamp 5.

1. I'm using a WindowBlinds skin.

2. OS i'm on XP.

3. Skin's called Jinx made by a guy/gurl named essorant.

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like how do i upload it to here and stuff?

If yur pic is online, say uploaded to yur site or something, just click the 'IMG' button when u make a post, type out the url to yur pic n it will show yur pic as an image in one of yur replies.

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