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Ok I have used Hex great emulator, Kawa-X of course, but the fact that Kawa-Next plays all but this one rom is terrific. To be honest I will use any emulator that's plays them all!


So is there a fix for this problem!


To the people who have made Hex version why don't you guys put out your version with all the games in one emulator. That is by far a greatest feature.


Regardless terrific work, keep it up!




Vermillion:All the bannned games work perfectly except for ROTDN.

The health bars are completely missing, amd yes they do have a (+) next to each game. And since my post I dicovered bangbead/bngbeadn does not work, hangs on m (1f537f74) CRC tells me it is C1 weird, it says it is loading n(top right). Also I believe Kawa-next is cixxior's version. This program is close to being perfect, 2 games away and alphabetical order was a nice touch.


DugFreez:Just to shed some clairty, I know I can play the game with an alternate programs, my question is about Kawa-Next and my goal is to get all the roms to work with ONE program. So far ROTDN & bangbead are a problem.


SenatorIvy: No Comment

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The only version that I know that plays almost every game is ciccior's version of Kawa-X.


John, does the banned games (i.e. SSV, KOF2K2, PIM, ROTD, etc.) have a plus sign (+) in front of them??


Also, does it the Health Bar in ROTD have a bar, but there's no health in it or is the Health Bars completely missing??

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yeah its ciccor's but someone renamed it to kawa-next. i'm sorry to say but it can't be fixed unless another rom takes its place as it is with the other banned games.


kawa-hex allows all games to play perfectly using 2 xbes:


kawa-x v11 for a normal games and 2 banned/hacked games (mslug5 and cthd2k3) that replace the 2 prototype games (garoup and kof99p)


kawa-hex for the rest of the banned games (svc's, rotd, pim, ssv, mslug4, and kof2k2)


the main reason for 2 is because one rom must replace for another and most of these games are big so its getting even harder to add more to kawa-x


on a brighter side (depending if it stays open source), fbax can be made for all to be in one. one of our mods here is getting ready to make one when kof2k3 p1 rom is released for all to enjoy :lol:

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Hey Prican,


On that FBA update when KOF2K3 finally works, will it also include the other banned games as well, like SSV, SVC: Chaos, ROTD, etc.??


I know there was a previous post that had a FBAXXX that had the current banned games with it, but I haven't had a chance to try it out, even though I have it downloaded.

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yes it will, i've been testing it with svc, mslug5, etc. for a while now, works fine but you may need to hex the crc if your roms don't match what it lists (same way as kawa-x for those that know how).


just to let you know, some games you will need the original encrypted roms since fbax doesn't use the decrypted sets we use on kawa-x and kof95 for kawa-x is different for fbax.

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the only problem with the kawa-x 011 patch by -- CiCCioR -- is Rage Of The Dragon = the life bar is missing and why not life bar ?

look readme file


ROTDN ( Where is the 264-S1.ROM for the life bar and insert coin text ??? )


264-C1N.ROM 8.388.608

264-C2N.ROM 8.388.608

264-C3N.ROM 8.388.608

264-C4N.ROM 8.388.608

264-C5N.ROM 8.388.608

264-C6N.ROM 8.388.608

264-C7N.ROM 8.388.608

264-C8N.ROM 8.388.608

264-P1.ROM 8.388.608

264-M1.ROM 32.768

264-V1.ROM 4.194.304

264-V2.ROM 4.194.304

264-V3.ROM 4.194.304

264-V4.ROM 4.194.304



Rage of the dragons



264-p1.bin 8Mb


264-s1.bin 128k ( CiCCioR miss this file )


264-m1.bin 128k


264-v1.bin 4Mb

264-v2.bin 4Mb

264-v3.bin 4Mb

264-v4.bin 4Mb


264-c1.bin 8Mb

264-c2.bin 8Mb

264-c3.bin 8Mb

264-c4.bin 8Mb

264-c5.bin 8Mb

264-c6.bin 8Mb

264-c7.bin 8Mb

264-c8.bin 8Mb


i think he forgot this file anyone can correct the XBE with add the missing file ?


next time plz just edit the first post, PRican25

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ciccor's used the same rom for rotd that mr. x did in kawa-x se which doesn't use an s1 rom so it can't just simply be added.


like it or not, kawa-hex is what to use if you want everything perfect untill fbax is released with all the roms working (btw fba site just announced more added support for old shooters :lol: )

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