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Some NeorageXh1 related questions.

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0.6b was the last official release. All NeoRAGEx releases after that are mostly gamelist hacks (excluding EGCG NeoRAGEx).


As for the emulator, I gave you a link already, AniManga networks. Try those fixes first, then go hunt for the rom.


Here's one link to SVC: http://gamesworld.mentesvirtuales.com/emul...ps2/svcplus.zip


is this the perfect rom???!!!???


you f***ing rock dude... really. :blink:

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it doesn't work!!! damn it damn it!

How do you mean "it doesn't work"? More specifically, are you using the EGCG NeoRAGEx?

Yeah, ver 1.0H (not v4.2)


It just won't load. Don't worry about it for now, but anyone who finds a link to the perfect SvC rom, please post it!!!!!!! Thanks!

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