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  1. Deleted that file and game is still messed up
  2. IC, too bad it looks better in arcades. Maybe cause these games are compressed pretty bad? Here's more captures
  3. Should it look any better than this? I find screen captures on the web look much sharper. In the game it's not as sharp. Here's some screen captures
  4. Metal Slug 5 works if you replace the P1 with a hacked one. Go get it from NeoGamez. OK downloaded hxxp://www.neogamez.net/Downloads/Utilidades/mslug5_p1.zip and added it. Now it lets me play but all the colors are messed up. Very glitchy and tons of black Do I have to do any kind of renaming? All the files are named 268_ except for the new p1 I added mslug5_p1.rom Here is screen capture
  5. I can't get any of the newer games working for neoragex Ok got some games from neogamez and Samurai_Shodown_V (Works) Snk_vs_Capcom_Chaos_Plus (Works) Metal_Slug_5 (I get a red screen with words ) Can't play it
  6. Do you guys unzip all the roms or leave them as zip? With ragex I just leave them zipped
  7. I think I am using the wrong emulator. I am using NeorageXegcg, where do I get NeorageXh1?
  8. Anyone know the pass for svc+wkloader1.46.zip This is the site http://totalmario.free.fr Found it on http://www.filemirrors.com/
  9. Is there a website or file that tells me what I should rename all my files to in mslug5nd.zip and svcplus.zip? I would like to play them in NeorageX if possible. Never got Kawaks to work since I don't own Xbox
  10. I tried svc_fix_rs.zip patches on it with no luck. Maybe it's not just the P1 cause I read someone else with same problem but they type in Chinese so I couldn't read it
  11. svc_c1.rom svc_p1.rom svc_s1.rom and so on... any suggestions? A funked up P1 rom most likely... Does the game even appear on the gamelist? I can send you my P1 if you want...PM me. Sure, how can I get the P1 file?
  12. svc_c1.rom-svc_c8.rom svc_p1.rom svc_s1.rom svc_m1.rom svc_v1.rom-svc_v4.rom
  13. Damn, one thing after another Got the serials and now I got "Unable to load program roms" OK, now it loads fine but only after I turn off the sound.
  14. What's username and pass? NeorageXegcg.zip is NeograxXh1? User: x-underground Pass: unblacklistme Thanks been trying google and getting no luck. Only craploads of chinese sites Crap now it wants a security key
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