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I went to the Arcade yesterday and..


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Ok...and so I did.


I went to the Arcade yesterday and played Kof2K3 and this other Virtual Boxing




I want to talk about the boxing game.


It was so surprising for me, and so new....


You stand in front of the screen with boxing gloves on your hands and punch


the screen in front of you and then the virtual opponent in the screen gets hit!


the kool thing is that you really have to play like a boxer...you can block, avoid


the CPU's attacks and counter it with your own bare fists!!


It was so amazing, I wonder if it can be Emulated??


I think the game was made by Konami....I think....

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in my opinion that´s very hard to happen but who knows, anyway if it happens it will be a few years from now because apart from being posible it has to be a certain market available, it isn´t worth to sell those gloves if just 5 persons worldwide would buy it

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Why not use two Nintendo Power Gloves? You can splice the NES controller connector to a parellel port cable and use it on your PC, so maybe you could interface the Power Glove.


I totally think it's possible. But it would take a serious load of work to even attempt it. You'd have to retrofit the gloves though, unless they made versions for both hands.

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Oh I remember seeing that game at an arcade in Orlando. I didn't play it but I played the other game made by the same people which uses the same technology. Instead of being a boxer, you're a cop and you have to physically duck and move out of the way of the screen to not get shot. It's pretty intense.


Those boxing gloves were pretty heavy and I didn't like having to keep my feet spread so far apart.


But yeah, the technology is nice. Very difficult to emulate because you actually have to move your body.

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Would be really stupid on keyboard if you ask me... kinda like DDR... eliminates the point.


I've seen those virtual boxing things before. I've also seen the star wars thing where you fight vader with a fake lightsaber i think.

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